How To Generate Leads On TikTok?


TikTok’s influence is undeniable, as seen by the app’s one billion monthly active users and three billion app instals. But how can your company take advantage of this untapped market to get new clients through TikTok lead generation?

Let’s investigate how your company may effectively use TikTok to generate leads as part of a larger marketing campaign.

Put Clickable Link In Your Bio

Your TikTok bio will be the first place users will look if they find your videos engaging. Create more clicks to your site by including a link in your bio.

TikTok users may be sent to a custom domain or landing page by including a clickable link in their bio. Use a call-to-action in the description of your TikTok posts to encourage viewers to visit the link in your bio and purchase the product you’re promoting. With this method, you can convert your TikTok viewers into leads and, ultimately, customers.

Links in your bio, if utilised properly, may produce a flood of new leads. You can get people to visit your site, sign up for your newsletter, attend events, and more by using links.

Please be aware that not all TikTok accounts have access to this option. As of right now, this function is still in TikTok’s beta testing phase. Joining TikTok’s Testers programme is the only way to guarantee access to the functionality.

Establish A Captivating Company Profile

To put it simply, first impressions are forever. Make the most of the exposure your TikTok profile or TikTok lead generation may provide your company.

  • Image or video for your profile:

You should use anything symbolic of your brand, such as your business logo or an appropriate picture or video.

  • Bio:

You should briefly describe your company in your bio, which is just 80 characters long. Communicate your business’s offer correctly if you want to engage with customers.

  • Links:

You should focus most of your attention on attracting new followers via the bio link. They may learn more about your company and your services by visiting your site. Make sure you use this strategy in conjunction with campaigns effectively.

Come Up With Engaging Content

Content is key to every successful advertising strategy. The people who use TikTok are inspired to create and share their videos. The correct leads may only be attained by investing in pricey video productions. Your TikTok content has the potential to become viral with the right amount of resources, an awareness of your target demographic, and some imagination.

If you want to create leads with content on TikTok, consider the following guidelines:

  • Think about where the lead is in the sales process

Think about your target audience and where they are in the sales process before you begin making content for TikTok. Is this a lead that has never heard of your company before or one that you can gently persuade with informational materials?

  • Use TikTok’s algorithmic tools to rethink your content strategy

Keep in mind your intended audience’s wants, requirements, and the platform’s standards while you work on your social media content plan.

There are benefits and drawbacks to using every single social media platform, as well as their algorithms. But if you know how TikTok operates, you can use that information to develop a content strategy to help your company succeed.

  • Set up restricted access to content

You may get more leads from your TikTok audience if you use gated content. This may be in the form of a giveaway, a blog post, a webinar, an ebook, or any number of other things. The objective is to send visitors to a designated conversion page. The video may be accessed through a link on the user’s profile.

  • make a video with a compelling call to action

Make material with a clear CTA and include a link to it in the clip.

Make Use Of Hashtags

TikTok hashtags are a major method users may use to learn about your company. TikTok is a newer social media platform than others like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, so using the appropriate hashtags will help you get more exposure.

To develop a successful hashtag strategy, consider the following key questions and their respective answers.

  1. Who exactly is your ideal customer?
  2. Once they locate your company, what actions do you hope they will take?

Team Up With TikTok Influencers

There are a lot of inspiring people with a large following on TikTok. Work with well-known producers who are a good match for your brand to strengthen your marketing efforts and get more leads.

You should determine how well the influencer represents your brand before making a final decision. Large-scale or small-scale influences may be chosen. To increase brand recognition, it’s best to work with macro influencers that can reach a far bigger and more varied audience.

Micro-influencers are expected to have a narrower emphasis. Micro-influencers may have smaller audiences, but they have a far more engaged and relevant following in exchange. This greatly enhances their capacity for lead generation.

Make a unique coupon code for each partner influencer. It will motivate their ideal customers to think about your offerings and become leads. On the other side, the influencer would get a cut of the profits. This is a great chance to interact with the influencer and a win-win scenario for all parties involved.


TikTok is rapidly becoming one of the most popular social media platforms. TikTok may be an excellent platform for expanding your reach and gaining new customers if you properly utilise it. There are many ways to generate leads, from advertising on TikTok to working with influencers.

The secret is to provide great content that interests your ideal customers. In addition, it is important to collaborate with influencers who are a good match for your brand’s voice and values.

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