The Types of Jobs A Mini Excavator Can Do


A mini excavator, as the name suggests, is compact in size as compared to a standard excavator. It is a tracked or wheeled to suit the site terrain and generally weighs between 0.7 to 8.5 tons. With a standard backfill blade and independent boom; it can perform variety of jobs like digging, lifting, moving, and grading.

Mini-excavators are ideal to operate in tight spaces where maneuverability is a major concern. They can easily move around objects, corners, and vehicles. You can use them through crowded lots and the transportation is also very easy. You can easily load it into trailers and take them to the jobsite.

Although they are smaller in size than a standard excavator rental, they have all the capabilities and features. The cabin of a mini-ex sits onto a rotating house that can go around 360 degrees. The smallest mini excavator hire can fit through a doorway while the bucket size ranges from 12 to 24 inches. You can replace the standard bucket with an attachment to tackle any job.

Due to this feature, a mini-excavator can perform many jobs. Some of them are:

Light Demolition

With a standard hammer attachment or a demolition grapple, you can take on medium to small scale demolition works. You can break concrete patios, driveways, a water feature, or a parking area with mini-excavator. Though the machine is small or compact in size, but due to powerful hydraulic engine, it is ideal for medium to light demolition jobs.

Digging A Pool or Hot Tub

There’s no doubt that mini-excavators deemed the best for digging a pool or installing a hot tub in the backyard. They can cut down the trees in the tight spaces and let you prepare the jobsite for a pool. The long-reach boom of a mini-ex is fit for 2 meter deep excavation hole for the pool.

Repairing Sewer Lines

Owning to the compact size and enhanced maneuverability, mini-excavators are also quite helpful in utility line installation or repair. Unlike standard excavators, they don’t require extensive site clearance and can dig precisely as per the route or path.

Landscaping and Tree Harvesting

If you’re annoyed because of an abandoned tree stump and want a permanent solution, a mini-excavator can help you with its complete removal. The excavator can easily dig around the stump that makes it easier to rip off the stump. Afterwards, you can use the thumb attachment to make bits and remove from the site.

Roadside Application

Another type of job you can undertake with mini-ex is removing snow off of gravel parking area or road. Its front dozer-style blade makes it easier to clear snow from the work site. It is stable and has a better traction factor. It can easily work through icy conditions over rough ground without losing tracks.

General Digging Projects

It is rather the most obvious jobs of a mini excavator. Whether it is creating irrigation system or it is digging of foundation you’re upfront with, a mini-ex has a lot to offer. It can make trenches on the jobsite and can even work for large-scale watering system.

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