The Exceptions in a Dog Bite Case You Should Know About

One of the most typical sorts of animal attacks is dog bites. In extreme circumstances, they have the potential to result in fatal injuries. New Jersey is one of those states that considers dog bites a serious issue and has some legal implications for it. If you are attacked by a dog, it is critical to understand the legal consequences of a dog bite. You should be aware of the various exclusions that can apply in dog bite cases. Let’s examine these exceptions in more detail.


A person may not have a good case against the dog owner if they are attacked by a dog while trespassing on private property. Most of the time, if someone was trespassing at the time of the incident, property owners are not liable for injuries that happen on their land. The owner of the property could still be held accountable if they knew or should have known that their dog was aggressive and failed to take reasonable precautions to stop the assault.


It’s possible that a person who provokes a dog and is bitten won’t have a good case against the dog’s owner. A dog can be provoked in a variety of ways, such as by being beaten, teased, or targeted with objects. The owner might not be held accountable if the person’s conduct were directly responsible for the dog bite.

Acceptance of Risk

A person may not have a good case against the dog owner if they willingly accept the danger of getting bitten by a dog. This might happen if the person has signed a waiver accepting the risk of getting bitten or is aware of the dog’s history of aggressive behavior. In these situations, the risk of injury has been accepted by the individual. Hence the dog owner may not be held accountable.

Military or Police Dogs

The dog owner may not be held responsible if a human is bitten by a police or military dog while the dog is on duty. These dogs are frequently utilized in hazardous settings since they have been taught to defend their handlers and the general population. The dog’s actions may be viewed as appropriate, and the owner may not be held accountable if the person is interfering with the dog’s tasks or constituting a threat to public safety.

Service Dogs

The dog owner might not be held accountable if a dog bites someone when the dog is carrying out its obligations as a working dog. Working dogs are frequently employed in a variety of contexts, including police enforcement, search and rescue, and agriculture. The dog’s behavior may be viewed as appropriate, and the owner may not be held accountable if the person interferes with the dog’s work or poses a threat to public safety.

Final Thoughts

A dog owner who fails to exercise reasonable control over their pet may be held accountable for any injuries that result. A dog’s freedom to roam in public, improper restraint, or a failure to alert people to a dog’s aggressive tendencies are all examples of negligence. The dog owner may be held accountable if their carelessness was the direct cause of the dog bite.

The legal implications of dog bites are essential to understand because they can have serious repercussions. Trespassing, provocation, assumption of risk, police or military dogs, and working dogs are a few situations in which a dog bite lawsuit does not apply.


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