Avoid Aggressive Behavior


    Don’t let your puppy turn into an aggressive dog

    Many people believe that dogs bite because that’s simply in their nature. However,rat terrier chihuahua mix do not become aggressive without good reason. Most dogs show aggression when they feel stressed. If you want to avoid your puppy becoming an upset and aggressive dog, show him how to avoid or deal with stressful situations. Learn how your puppy shows you that he is afraid – for example, when he is pushed into a corner or restricted by the leash.

    Anxiety is a common reason

    Dogs don’t necessarily need to have had bad experiences to develop anxiety. Anxious dogs simply did not have ample opportunities to get in touch with many people. That’s why early socialization is so important. If you would like advice on parenting, click here. But if your puppy is used to people (adults and children) simply being a source of good humor, praise, and treats, he won’t need to develop threatening behavior.

    Also, familiarize your puppy with sounds and situations that might scare him. In this way, you help him overcome his fear. And the potentially frightening things like vacuum cleaners, traffic or postmen become everyday things that he can handle without any problems.

    Your puppy and other people

    Everyone is different for your puppy, whether friend or stranger. There are different ages, figures and sizes. This can be quite confusing for him. Get him used to coming into contact with a lot of people as early as possible. He will then be more trusting towards unknown people. But make sure that his new friends don’t overwhelm him with their affection.

    It is important that your puppy also gets used to children. There are hardly any children who can resist a cute puppy and who do not want to play with him. Even if you don’t want to do anything to him, it can look like this for your dog. Get him used to children by going with him near a school. Children will make extensive efforts to find their cute companion without special request. But do not forget that puppies get tired quickly. Meetings with other people should not last too long, because your puppy needs time to rest.

    Playful biting should not degenerate

    Before you brought your puppy to him, he always played with his brothers and sisters. Playful biting is a completely normal game between puppies. So it is quite natural that he also wants to bite you when he is in your home. Draw his attention to one of his toys to curb biting.

    He will certainly want to nibble on your hand again and again as soon as you spend time with him, stroke him, and otherwise deal with him. So always keep a toy handy. Make it harder for him to bite your hand by making a fist and offering him a toy, waving and wiggling it at him. He will learn very quickly that it is much more fun to play with a toy than to bite into a big fist.

    Your puppy only learns what you teach him

    Never forget that everything you teach him now will determine his behavior for the rest of his life. So if he plays like training young rat terrier puppy, think of him as a big dog and consider whether his behavior would still be acceptable or not. If he starts growling, if he tries to bite you, or if he pushes a child away while playing, then stop the game immediately and walk away with the toy. He will quickly learn why the fun is over and accordingly avoid the behavior that led to the end of the game.

    If you are unsure about your puppy’s behavior, or if you want to learn more about books or courses on the subject, your veterinarian will be happy to help you.