Looking For The Best JPG To PDF Converters? Here Are Your Best Options


One of the most common tasks, if you are working in an administrative capacity, is PDF conversion. PDF or portable document format is the standard for sending text-heavy files online. And if you are one of the many who has had to work remotely because of the global pandemic, you’d find that you need a PDF editor and converter to make working-from-home more conducive. 

Converting JPG to PDF, and other MS Office-based file extensions as well as a necessary step before sending and sharing files online. This is because PDF is widely known to not be affected by formatting changes. So even when you are opening a PDF file online, on a separate PDF software on your desktop or on a smartphone, the document will still present as it’s intended. So if you’re looking for JPG to PDF converters, here are the best options you have:

Online, browser-based PDF converters like PDFBear

Why do you need an online, browser-based PDF converter? Well, for starters, these sites offer the best connectivity among the options listed here. Online PDF converters may be a snapshot of the tools on dedicated PDF software, but they do the job just fine for most casual conversions. JPG to PDF conversions are usually done when you want an image to be sent as a document. OCR technology makes the elements on the JPG better translated in the resulting PDF file.

Another great feature that browser-based PDF tools offer is that access is quite universal. That means you can do edits and conversions from anywhere in the world with any device you have in hand, provided that it has a browser and you have a working Internet connection. You can do work with online PDF converters, even without sitting down on a table with your laptop!

So what are your options here? PDFBear is the top choice as it’s JPG to PDF converter is one of the best. The site also has a wide array of PDF tools available. PDFBear has all the special features mentioned earlier that you can use for absolutely free. No need to sign up or create an account. 

Third-party, standalone PDF software

Online converters have a lot of advantages, but if you convert files daily, it is best to download software. PDF software is the most reliable choice when it comes to creating, editing, converting, and password-protecting PDFs.

These are tools you need to download to your desktop or laptop in order to operate. Depending on the software, system requirements are needed, although it should be minimal in some cases. The best ones are paid, with some even needing subscription fees.

In terms of usability, when doing JPG to PDF conversions, a PDF software, at an average, will need a bit of RAM and processing power. Some software will be harder to open than others, and some will be more optimized. If your computer or laptop is top of the line, it should have no problem opening and maintaining PDF software functions.

Your best choice in terms of this type of PDF tool is the classic Adobe Acrobat. Adobe knows its PDFs as they originated the file extension. Nitro Pro is a great alternative as well, with features that can compete with Adobe. It’s also cheaper by a mile, so if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, this is the tool for you. There are free ones you can download too, and a quick Google search will yield results.

PDF converter apps

We are living in a world where phones rule. We, as a society, depend on smartphones for almost anything. That’s why it’s no wonder that PDF converting is also excellent in any smartphone – iOS or Android. Most PDF software for computers has a mobile app version, so check out your preferred software if it has a smartphone app.

In A Nutshell

These are the ways you can make PDF conversions work for you. Don’t stress out ever again for a simple operation like a JPG to PDF conversion. A browser-based PDF application is your top choice, of course, not only because the tools make the process easier and more streamlined, but because it offers the most amount of flexibility. When all else fails, a trusty PDF software is a great go-to as well.