The Best Careers for an MBA Degree


In many cases, working hard to obtain an MBA degree opens up a wealth of possibility across countless industries, making it an enticing prospect for those wishing to take their entrepreneurial talents to the next level.

Remote learning has now made studying an online MBA completely viable for even the busiest workers, as the flexibility and autonomy offered by the program can help to grow your professional skillset along your real-world commitments.

Choosing to opt for studying an additional degree is no small step however, and taking your time to think about how you can best utilize it to your advantage is essential in seeing a return on investment.

If you are on the fence about seeking further education, you are unsure about whether or not the career prospects an MBA might bring are right for you, or you already have an MBA and want to look for an exciting new avenue to explore, it is worth remembering that the degree is inherently diverse.

There are many fields it can be applied to, and here are just some of the many jobs you might find appealing.

A Data Research Analyst

If you happen to interested in the seemingly infinite uses big data can be used for, a research analyst position might be ideal for you.

The role can be found in a wide array of industries, including healthcare, finance, sociology, aerospace, computing and many different scientific fields. The ability to carefully calculate data and make predictions is a highly-sought after trait for many companies, as it often determines their business decisions.

The job is in many ways, at the forefront of the world’s problem-solving efforts, particularly if you decide to take up a data research analyst job in physics or healthcare.

A Marketing Manager

Modern marketing, especially digital marketing is often driven by analytics, a subject that an MBA will likely prepare you for.

Marketing is an immensely lucrative field and worth a monumental amount of money, so it might be said that there is certainly opportunity to make a desirable wage as a manager in the industry.

This job can provide you with a neat amalgamation of logistics and creativity, as a marketing manager often oversees many facets of a campaign, including the quality of the content, and how that content is received by the target audience.

Moreover, the chance to manage a tight-knit team of dedicated individuals can prove to be a very fulfilling day job when it gets done right. If you felt like pushing your career forward, a managerial position is more than achievable with the help of an MBA degree, so it may be worth keeping your options open in any fields that you have a passion for.

An Academic

If your passion for business extends far beyond the bonds of your own career path, why not take a step towards academia and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs?

For many, an educational environment feels nothing short of home. The chance to be around intellectuals, interesting individuals, innovative thinkers and ideas is something that might suit somebody who is well-acquainted with the theory aspect of business, and wants to apply it to directly help others.

It is worth remembering however, that a career in academia is not usually the most secure, or even lucrative pursuit, especially when compared to other options on this list. Academia is for those who feel like they have new knowledge to strive to impart, and to make a life out of their love for learning.

Be Your Own Boss

An MBA can help you finally make the leap you have been waiting for, if what you have been waiting for is not having a boss other than your good self.

With the right tools, contacts and mindset at your disposal it might be worth thinking about starting up your own business. An MBA can help inform you on a huge range of areas related to business, and obtaining one looks wonderful on the resume for when the time comes to woo investors.

You will have likely made some valuable connections if you completed an MBA, so reaching out and sharing your bright idea for an exciting new company may give you the confidence you need to set the business wheels in motion.

Project Management

A project manager often provides the face of authority, experience, knowledge and trust for their entire team, while getting to work on a host of multidisciplinary undertakings.

Project managers are often paid well, and moreover, it can be an incredibly flexible job considering the number of industries that require their services.

From creative arts to marketing and everything in between, managing a long-term project can be a rewarding effort, and you will no doubt get the chance to work with a long list of talented and friendly individuals.

Due to the diverse and broad definition of what the project manager role actually specifies, fining the right job for you might mean thinking about which field you are most interested in, and searching for job openings from there. This will help to narrow down your options and increase the likelihood you will find your specialist area.

Product Development Manager

Product development is often what determines the fate of a business, if not permanently. Overseeing the process is the product development manager, a demanding role with the potential for huge reward.

This is perhaps a perfect job for anyone who thrives on being an integral part of a well-maintained company, complete with all of the responsibilities that it brings with it. Some of these responsibilities include managing large teams across multiple departments, making creative and logistical decisions in design a new product, and overseeing the distribution and reception of the finished item.

Anyone who enjoys working at the forefront of the action might benefit from a role as a product development manage, as it can be a wonderful career for the competitive and the challenge-loving professional.

There are many fields and roles to consider, and an MBA is internationally recognized and respected, so chancing your arm at a higher position might be well-worth your time.