Why Should Teens Learn to Code & What’s Involved in Acquiring This Valuable Skill


Teenage years are full of enthusiasm and energy, where we find ourselves capable of participating in anything and everything. All the subjects seem within our reach, and the only difficulty is to figure out towards which subject we should incline. 

Coding is one of the subjects that would greatly interest teenagers, given its unlimited applications. Since teenagers are already up to date with the latest technologies and gadgets, coding and programming only help them further their interest and curiosity. Moreover, as a teenager, they don’t have to rely on their parents to find the right opportunity. They can research on their own and develop the best possible way they could get familiar with coding.

If you are a teen or a teen’s parent, it is high time to bring coding into your life. Coding not only teaches the basics of computer applications, but it also makes you smarter and more capable in real-world scenarios. 

Why Should Teens Learn to Code

There are multiple reasons teens should learn to code; some have to do with their careers while others improve their social and interpersonal skills. Let’s take a look at the primary reasons why teens should be coding. 

To fill a gap

The syllabus teens are taught in school barely covers computer science. Many schools don’t have enough computers to cater to the needs of every student. Nowadays, coding does not remain an extracurricular skill that only dedicated students are supposed to pursue and build a career on. It has become an essential aspect of a well-rounded education.

Therefore, We should find coding classes for kids and help them learn to code to fill the school education system gap. 

To stand out

When teens learn a few skills that are not available to their peers, they automatically have a leg up compared to others. When it comes to college applications, such skills come extremely beneficial.

Any extracurricular skills could help students with their college application as it shows the student’s dedication to take the initiative and learn on their own. However, with coding skills, the student is seen as a creative person who could solve problems through logic and persistence.

To land a great job

Since before college, teens who are involved in coding are more likely to secure a lucrative job because of their years of experience. Most of the jobs nowadays have to deal with computers and computer applications, which means computer-related jobs are abundant. Moreover, the careers found in coding and programming tend also to pay well.

Coding Languages for Teens

Coding Languages for Teens


Python is one of the most widely used computer languages in the world. It serves as a beginner’s language but is used by expert programmers and coders as well. Teens can use Python to get their ideas up and running quickly as Python requires fewer lines of code compared to other languages. Utilized by Google, Disney, and other big brands, Python can be used to build web frameworks, numeric computer projects, and develop computer games.

Newbies can get started with Python by building text-based games, two-dimensional games, cybersecurity programs, or console applications.


JavaScript is for teens who are interested in web development and want to create front-end applications. It supports most web browsers, making it one of the most relevant and popular languages for creating interactive web apps.


Java is for creating Android apps, game engines, and backend environments. You can also do Minecraft modding with Java. It is one of the oldest computer languages out there and remains relevant and utilitarian among the sea of languages.


C# is for the students who are interested in augmented reality. Combined with Unity, C# is used to create next-level sending and imaging tech to create their own mobile games. 


C++ is a complex programming language that could take years to gain expertise in. However, once you have mastered this language, you will truly understand how programs work and will be able to create several applications and games. C++ is a must for those who want to program games. 

Hands-on Coding Tools for Teens

Coding is a complex process, and therefore teens need to have some tools and gadgets by their side to make the process easier and comprehensive. 


micro:bit is a small programmable computer that was traditionally known as a microcontroller development board. It can be used to create inventions. The device can also be used to create games and solve real-world problems.

Sphero RVR

With Sphero RVR, teens can indulge in autonomous robotics. The Sphero RVR comes with built-in sensors, a professional-level control system, and a powerful motor linked to all-terrain treads.

ProtoType HARP

ProtoType HARP is an escape room style hardware game that requires critical thinking and cryptography to hack through. (HARP stands for hardware alternate reality puzzle)


Arduino is a microcontroller used by teens to create new electronic devices and integrate sensors for autonomous robots to let them access and navigate their environment.


VEX is a robotics program used to create a variety of robots. It comes with sensors to allow robots to gauge their environment and motors to create moving parts such as wheels and claw arms.


PyCharm is an Integrated Development Environment. It works like a notepad to write down codes on it.


Created by Google, TensorFlow is a library that facilitates the creation and training of machine learning models and neural networks.