Here’s Why Your Cafe Needs Custom Paper Cups


For most coffee drinkers coffee isn’t just a drink, it is a sacred ritual with which their day begins. It is a sense of peace, a tool that motivates them and makes their morning great so they, themselves would be able to make their day great. Many of them don’t feel right until they had that cup of coffee, so what if your cafe managed to attain such an impact on their lives?

By using custom paper cups in your cafe you share that experience that coffee lovers crave. While you can’t guarantee that everyone who picks up your custom paper cup will become your loyal customer, most will. And even if only some of them will, you would have gained a valuable thing – becoming a part of their lives as much as they are to yours.

Customizing a paper coffee cup with your logo or name on it will keep your business on top of the minds of your prospects as they make their way through the day. They will associate good coffee and a sunny day with your cafe. What this earns you is much more valuable than any other form of advertising.

It also provides you with much more free talk about your cafe than you have previously anticipated. People who like your coffee and your custom paper cups will speak freely to their family, coworkers and friends how great of a cafe your place is. Which will generate even more customers running to your doors.

Custom paper cups shouldn’t be a thing you overlook, because making them doesn’t cost much, but the benefits you gain out of it outweigh any possible costs. But when the price to make them is cheap and the profit you earn from them is gigantic, there is not a single argument not to use them.

Associate Positive Feelings With Your Brand

Like I have already stated – associating your cafe with the positive feelings your customer gets from that first cup of coffee is immeasurable. There are man mysteries of the mind, but one that science has started uncovering is the subconscious mind.

If people like the feeling they get they have a need to associate it with something or someone, so when your customers get that feeling the first thing that they see on their coffee should be the logo of your cafe. By doing that you earn yourself a loyal customer, imprinting on them the idea that good coffee comes from your cafe.

Make Yourself Memorable

It isn’t only about the subconscious mind, it is great if the customer associates you with something pleasurable and good. But if you want them to become even more accustomed to your cafe, the best thing you can do is serve your coffee with custom paper cups at some big events.

Everybody likes free stuff, so attending a big event – a comic con, business summit, or something similar and handing out free coffee with your cafe logo on it will do wonders for your business.

You don’t even have to go that far if you do not have the infrastructure to support it. Perhaps talking to a couple of the local businesses and delivering them some free coffee now and again will serve the same purpose. Your coffee with custom paper cups associating with the likable guy who delivers coffee to his colleagues is another winning scenario.

Provides Free Advertising

The cost of printing out custom paper cups is not very high, it can cost anywhere from under a dollar to $5. Depending on where you buy them and how much information do you want to be printed on it, and there certainly are some discount when you buy in bulk, so the actual price is even lower.

While being quite cheap the benefits are too strong not to go with it. Even if we forget about being memorable, imprinting your cafe onto your customers, and having them associating a good start of the day with your coffee.

The unique placing of advertising is truly beneficial. Your cafe might not be in the part of the city your custom paper cup ended up at, but your story will be heard even a long way away from you.