Robotic Process Automation: BPO’s Guide to Success!


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as we all know is a technology aimed at automating business processes. Using the technology, your business can manipulate data, provide swift responses and communicate with other digital systems easily. RPA aims at generating automated responses and easing business operations with swift services.

RPA helps businesses reduce costs on hiring and training and even diminishes the threat of any possible human error. Now you must be clear with the way it helps business process outsourcing companies!

Integrating RPA to the business functions, easing processes is simpler, and many costs on hiring and training are reduced. Since there is no need to have a team working at the back end when automated services are in use, thus there are a lot of perks automation brings to the service sector.

BPOs offer customer support and outsourcing services. Since they work for multiple clients at one time and have to offer splendid support to all, they need RPA perks to augment processes. BPOs can inject RPA with cognitive technologies like speech recognition, and natural language processing to supercharge their services to the customer.

BPOs not only take care of the call support functions but also take charge of services like IT outsourcing, account/finance, marketing, logistics, etc.

Here is why RPA is effective and brings perks to BPO companies:

  • RPA is operative, as it acts consistently giving error-free solutions to businesses. You can automate your monotonous functions and make sure to receive error-free results.
  • RPA works on a template-driven format. The tool asks for data in a prescribed manner that is entered in specific fields and the technology thereafter acts accordingly.
  • The automated service is rules-based. It automates and takes care of your support service like:
  1. Data entry
  2. Automated formatting
  3. Data manipulation
  4. Creating messages in multiple-formats
  5. Text mining
  6. Boosting workflow
  7. Downloading

Moving forward, we compile the reason why RPA is a stress buster and service fixer for businesses:

The benefits of RPA for the BPO sector is not just limited to accuracy and competent results. However, RPA becomes your service fixer with reducing operational costs, helping BPO Companies in generating more revenue, and assistance in delivering augmented customer experience.

In the long run, RPA is all set to boost services challenging the efficiency of counterparts not using the automated facility.

To bring the best of RPA, here are some tips to utilize the technology:

  • The best way to start RPA integration is by identifying suitable processes for implementation. To start, implement it to small goals first, learn and then look for bigger opportunities.
  • It is equally essential to set realistic ROI standards while adopting automated services. Companies working with virtual bots need to have centralizing control for bots so that monitoring their performance and checking efficiency is not hard. Although automation brings several perks to the business, keeping track of profits is essential.
  • RPA brings the best to the business when it works on a suitable governance arrangement. There has to be a roadmap for astounding output surveillance.
  • To bring the best out of an RPA tool, business process outsourcing companies need to select the capable RPA technique. As a business owner, you need to research on automation and reusable components that can assist your business. The RPA tool you choose has to be business-friendly offering end-to-end process support.
  • To gain the best of RPA, paying emphasis on process reengineering to maximize RPA output is indispensable. To deliver value through the automation voyage, reengineering business processes is vital to attain maximum results.
  • To put the RPA activity in place, efficient collaboration between IT and automation is significant. Many times people confuse that IT cannot help in automation efficiency, however, RPA planning needs IT to support for splendid results.

With numerous perks that outsourcing and RPA offers, there are some potential threats to business process outsourcing companies from RPA too. Check out:

Control disputes: Automation takes over all your business service deliveries and there is no chance of making alterations thereafter. It is a rule-based process, thus if you want any changes, you have to make the same in the template format.

Cost reduction: Since automated services reduce expenses, it is taken as a threat for the BPO firm saying it will reduce jobs and outsourcing needs. However, it is a myth, as the need for live agents and manual woks in a BPO will always be immortal.

Communication simplification: With the help of automated services, or a bot to communicate with the customers, there is no chance of errors. Thus, RPA robots are taken as a threat to BPO agents. Moreover, with bots, there is no issue of long queue waits and call abandonment, thus it promises better results.

Thanks for reading!