Raising The User-Experience While Developing an App for 2020


Developing a mobile app is an expensive and time-consuming process. A business needs to consider many things starting from the feasibility of the idea, finances, and, most importantly, the fact if your business requires it or not. Materializing an idea is all about finding it interesting enough to keep pursuing it.

It all starts with a solid idea that you can use to create a long-term vision. However, it should also cater to customer’s demands and spiraling costs. Costs can be easily managed by reducing the development time taken for launching your application. The development cycle of an app is a crucial part that can make a difference between success and failure. Hence, your idea must speak to the users most subtly and concisely possible.

Essential Points to Guide You While Developing an App

It is significant to reflect the users’ expectations while interacting with an app. The user-experience also needs to streamline itself with the device. There has to be a reason strong enough that compels you to go ahead with the idea for app development. Here are some technicalities to consider:

Decisions and Limitations

Limitations can either be due to programming language or platform selection. If you choose to develop an app for a specific platform, the chances are that you might lose your target audience. Customers want to download and use an app if it is compatible with all the platforms. You can save weeks and months if you choose to hire mobile app developers in New York who are professionals and experts in planning and developing for all the prime platforms at the same time. Also, developing cross-platform apps are comparatively more straightforward nowadays that eliminates the maintenance of different codebases and reduces development time too. The tools for cross-platform apps enable targeting multiple audience bases so that you can reduce the time for compilation and translation of your codes.

Revenue Generation

The current era of the app market has the potential to materialize even the smallest idea. However, it is equally critical to ensure that app developers choose the right approach to generate revenue from resources. Several models of generating revenue from mobile apps are available today that consist of paid apps, freemiums that can either be in-app or separately, advertisements, and subscriptions. It becomes highly essential to make such expenses on various functionalities of an app so that the target users can be attracted to downloading the application. It would help if you also went right with essential functions like adding a payment processor and a shopping cart. Other things that hold utmost consideration are the performance of hardware, the life of the battery, coverage, and device support.

Wireframes and Prototypes

Prototypes signify designing a working product that is not yet launched but includes a visual representation of how the user interface of your app is going to look like. These are created out of the wireframes, which serve you a platform for exploring different designs, structures, and architectures. You can use wireframes in assessing a stipulated amount of time so that it becomes easier to refine it efficiently. It can also let you figure out any issues in the design before you start writing the code. It can save a lot of time because you can make significant changes well before coding and eliminate the need to rewrite it with new changes. Expert developers highly recommend going with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with all the essential features instead of waiting for the project completion. This way, you can deliver only the features your audience wants and also get their feedback before continuing with other changes.

Analytics and Quality Assurance

The integration of analytics is an essential function to add to your app as it enables you to track traffic and conversions. Several tools for tracking such metrics are available like Google Analytics that can enable you to track user engagement, downloads, and customer retention. It is also helpful to list out the functions you have added, the number of screens you require, among many other crucial tasks. It is essential because it facilitates a smoother updating process. Apart from that, it is equally significant to keep testing your product on different platforms to assess the real success. Quality Assurance checks also form a vital part of testing and code reviewing too. These steps can make sure you address each issue as and when it arises, instead of waiting for the development process to get over.

Winding Up

Once you have developed your mobile app, marketing is an important step that can take it to the market. You can always look for outside consultants, developers, and marketers to complete those tasks for you that fall out of your expertise. As soon as your app goes live on all the stores for downloading, insights and consumer behavior is of most profound concern. A leading mobile app development company 9series, enables you to keep building your app with maintenance and testing services. With the expertise of our developers, you can rest assured to introduce new features and keep the momentum of user-experience going.