Pre-Built PC VS. Custom PC – Which Is Better?


The computer has become an indispensable tool used in our daily life as well as work. That is why people upgrade their PCs every once in a while. Unlike home appliances, mobile phones, and cars, computer components usually have unified specifications and interfaces. In fact, the growth of this industry can be understood by the fact that it is expected to grow to about $37 billion by 2022. Today, many people use a custom-built PC as they select and purchase computer components separately and then either assemble them by themselves or by computer store employees. But, most people prefer pre-built computers. Nowadays, you can easily find the best desktop under 1000 bucks that will be suitable for regular use. If you are planning to buy a computer for gaming or work, you should know the differences between customer PC and pre-built PC:

Custom PC

One of the most important factors while buying a PC is its cost. After all, you want to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth. The price of a custom PC is lower than buying a pre-built computer because of the associated cost of human resources for assembling and testing computers. This way, the cost of the product is higher than the manufacturing costs. When you are assembling a computer, it eliminates this part of the cost. So, even if the assembled computer comes with a genuine copy of Windows, it will be cheaper than a pre-built computer with the same specification. This means that at the same price, you can get a computer with relatively better hardware specifications. The gap between the two is minimal in the case of entry-level computers. But, in the case of mid to high-end computers, the price gap can be significant. This is especially true for RAM modules, graphic cards, and motherboards. As you will be selecting different brands for different computer components, the gap in the price will become more apparent.

Also, when you are building a custom PC, you can ensure that it meets all your requirements. There is a wide array of brands, styles, and specifications to choose from. You can pick the products with better quality and a higher price-performance ratio. There are some customization options with pre-built computers, but your options are limited, and the design of the components is geared more towards the cost.

Pre-Built PC

There are only a few people who assemble their computers. The reason behind this is that with pre-built PCs, they get the convenience that encompasses overall manufacturing quality, hardware and software testing, and customer service. The comparatively higher price of a pre-built computer offers these advantages.

Also, whether you are just a beginner or an advanced-level gamer, you can get a pre-built PC for your every need. Even if you are a gamer with general knowledge of hardware and gaming machines, assembling a system from scratch can be quite tricky. Pre-built PCs are powerful. They have the right mix of hardware, including smooth frame rates and high-definition resolution. When you buy it, the company will also provide you with all the details of the games tested on it and the performance. It is an excellent way of learning what the computer is capable of.

It is important to note that there are benefits to a pre-built and custom-built PC. You might think that assembling a PC is difficult. However, the truth is that with a bit of relevant hardware knowledge, you can quickly build a PC that suits your requirements. Your choice depends on your circumstances and needs. If you are a gamer who can assemble your computer, a custom PC is the right way to go.