Best Practices for eCommerce Mobile Marketing


Ecommerce is not a distant dream but a reality that has revolutionized the world of business. However, it has also augmented the competition, but you can get an edge over the rival businesses using a smart mobile marketing campaign.

There is no denying that mobile use has increased considerably over the years. It merely means that your window for marketing has expended for reaching the clients and customers more comprehensively.  According to recent statistics, SMS marketing can help to increase the conversion rate by up to 14%. So, it would help if you considered such mediums to promote your online shopping stores for increased return over investment (ROI).

Want to market your business? Consider this article for top tips and practices to use SMS marketing for your online business effectively. Hopefully, you will get some knowledge nuggets!

SMS marketing strategies for online shopping stores

Nevertheless, individuals are using smartphones for regular calling, text, and internet usage. Do you know, more than 49 million potential customers prefer getting text messages on their phones instead of relying on other information sources? It merely means that you can allure many consumers by sending eCommerce marketing text on their phones.

It is because mobile phones are handing and provide ease of online shopping. So, the best way is to promote your business over the mobile for extensive reach. Let’s consider some strategies to make it possible for you:

Ensure personalization

Individuality is one of the most critical factors for the success of any marketing campaign. It is imperative to consider integrating personalization into mobile marketing to allure the clients. It is crucial to get a competitive advantage as every client is unique, having distinctive requirements.

It is imperative to understand that SMS enables companies to get a greater response from potential customers. However, you need to adopt a smart marketing approach. For this, you can get assistance from SMS advertising in Dubai based services to send promotional or transactional messages. It will help you get noticed as everyone loves to have personalized deals and details!

Send text from unique sender codes

You indeed have certain services available to get a custom code for your brand. For example, you can get 787 shortcodes instead of sending SMS from a random phone number. It will give a boost to your eCommerce business.

Why not opt for a full-fledged mobile application with all essential options to send bulk messages to advertise online sale deals and other such information. In this way, you can ensure 24/7 availability. In this way, you will be able to go mobile-ready all the time!

Turn mobile marketing to smart customer services

Most importantly, mobile usage trends have given rise to the promptness and efficiency of customer services. For this reason, you can adopt the modern trends in marketing, such as customer care services using mobile texting applications.

To make this a reality, you need to check for transactional text message services to send orders confirmation text, alerts, and other such detail to keep the customers up-to-date with their orders. So, you can market your online business without bothering potential clients unnecessarily.

Optimize mobile marketing for voice

While running an ecommerce mobile marketing campaign for your store, you should consider targeting all and sundry without any exception. In this regard, optimizing the campaigns for voice transcription can help in boosting the advertising for highly fruitful results.

Integrate videos for mobile marketing

Last but not least, more than 50% of users prefer watching visuals and videos instead of reading text. You can harness the power of visual marketing using SMS advertisements to target a broad audience. It is an interactive way to make your brand popular among the people.

The best way is to include product feature explanation clips, influencers’ usage reviews, and other such techniques. It will engage potential customers for spontaneous sales.

Increase open-ability using short text

It is essential to understand that the world has turned toward minimalistic approaches. Therefore, you should adopt this approach for better conversions by keeping the text short. It will help in improving the ratio of open-ability.

In this way, eCommerce business owners can reap the maximum benefits of sms marketing. If you are naïve in selecting appropriate words for the text, get help from professional SMS advertising experts for turning the text into the transformability of your business. Don’t forget to integrate compelling call to action words in the text messages.

Harness the influence of mobile marketing for eCommerce!

Summing up, the industry of eCommerce is rapidly growing in the nook and corner of the world. It has changed everything, even the ways of business marketing. So, why not opt for modern tools and trends to reach the targeted audience efficiently.

Don’t forget to devise a smart strategy for mobile marketing of your online shopping store. Always focus on innovative ways to market your business across all the platforms!