Overcome 7 Common Office Printer Hazards with Expert Strategies


Daily struggles with printers are never overrated. Printing efforts can go vague especially when you consider the old but entrusted office printers. Speaking more frankly, printers tend to face undefined errors whenever they meet a minor software or printer driver issue. On the other hand, your office printer might beat a turtle when it comes to finishing the race.

However, jokes apart, the main trouble begins when your office printer doesn’t listen to your printing or scanning command. And, you are still left with the submission of your daily reports or presentation details. Therefore, you need to apply some easy-to-ace printer tips to eradicate the most common office printer problems. Thus, you will never miss a deadline while relying upon the printer.

1.   The Printer is Unable to Print

If such a declaration appears on the connected device or the printer panel then the first thing that you should check is the connection. Ensure that the printer is still connected to the computer or any other nearby mobile device via a USB cable or wireless connection. Wireless printers often lose their wireless connectivity and it becomes incompatible with the suggested printing task.

To resolve this dedicated printer issue, printer repair experts always suggest checking if the printer has got all necessary printer drivers. Users even complained that the printer won’t work even after downloading the driver. Maybe, the driver is corrupted while downloading and installation. For that instance, you need to reinstall the latest edition of the printer driver. And, all these problems should be sorted at once.

2.   Printing Quality is Miserable

We can’t deny that a low-quality print quality might ruin all your efforts for the day. On the other hand, inkjet printers in office places are not up to the mark when you consider the print quality. If your office has a laser printer, then use that if you don’t want to compromise with the quality. Though you might have to wait in a queue, it’s worth it for an impressive result. Well, you can make some adjustments to the print-head alignment and clean the nozzle if you like to stick to the inkjet one.

However, if the laser printer fails to deliver you satisfactory results, then sneak to the printer settings. There are chances that high-resolution printing must be turned off to deliver cost-effective printing solutions. Customize the printer quality settings and enjoy best-in-class printing experience.

Additionally, don’t overlook the paper quality, as well. If you still can’t avail expected print-outs, then check the toner level and replace them if they are low on ink. Otherwise, a mild shake to the cartridge would sometimes help.

3.The Printer has Exhausted Ink… Again in the Same Day

And, the printer is flashing this low-ink warning on the display. Well, you need not immediately rush for replacing the ink if you are still able to print your copies. Generally, offices possess budget-friendly printers for day-to-day printing and the ink goes longer compared to inkjet ones. The initiation cost of such office laser printers is high, but the regular printing cost is fairly reasonable.

But, it’s quite difficult to state whether your printer is really low on ink. Most office printers don’t come with the facility that you can check and tell how much ink is left. Ink-tank printers let you see the ink level of the printer, although. So, you can continue printing by ignoring subsequent warnings until and unless you can’t literally print. And, always stock up print cartridge refills to mitigate the printing disasters.

4.   Unwanted Lines on Printed Papers

When it comes to official documents you crave for a neat and perfect document, undoubtedly. But, your office printer might not always favour you. And, the paper comes with a streak of lines or any other kind of distortion in the printing. Any foreign substance on the scanner glass can trigger such issues. On the other hand, drum-blades and fusers are not beyond the list of culprits.

Inspect the scanner glass to check if there is any paper residue or any other debris. If there’s no scope to blame the glass, then replacing the internal hardware unit would solve your problems. Hire printer repair experts as we always recommend a professional intervention to combat printer problems.

5.   Can’t Print from Mobile Devices

In case, you are currently using a wireless-enabled printer for printing but can’t find nearby devices, then look for Wi-Fi compatible applications on the mobile devices. Almost every Wi-Fi printer allows iOS devices to connect the printer via AirPrint and print through the printer. Make sure that you have connected all the devices on a single network. Additionally, most printer manufacturers emphasize on developing platform-based Wi-Fi applications for Windows and Android operating systems.

If you think that you can’t print via mobile devices as your printer lacks Wi-Fi connectivity, then you need to search compatible applications and setup. Cloud printer solutions are specially designed to make non-WiFi printers print from mobile devices. Setups might vary from platform to platform and printer brands.

Apart from cloud printing, you can avail email printing from your mobile device. To do so, you have to register your printer for acquiring a suitable email address. Once your printer gets an email address, then you can mail your printing tasks directly to the printer. However, certain selected variants of Kodak and HP printers support such as mobile printing functionality.

6.   Printing Requires So Much Time!!

Especially, the waiting seems never-ending when an important office document is on the printer queue. However, Wi-Fi printers might take more time to print your presentation documents due to network complications. Adjust the distance between your printer and router and remove any obstruction between these two devices. To enhance the printing speed on wireless networks, rely on a wireless repeater or extender.

Otherwise, check the capabilities of your router. As per the printer connection amenities, the router should support at least 802.11n configuration for wireless connectivity. Additionally, the router should offer a bandwidth of 5GHz bandwidth along with a 2.GHz one. Well, if you are encountering sloth-like speed on a non-WiFi printer then probably, your office printer needs a software update.

7.   Paper Jam

You’re quite lucky if you don’t face a paper jam on the office printer, daily. Paper jams can take place due to alignment difficulties that most users overlook out of hurry. However, dealing with paper jams is quite easy. Make sure to stack the papers into a perfect shape while you are placing papers in the input tray. If this doesn’t mitigate the issue, try to use a dedicated troubleshooting plan for your printing device.

Better opt for Printer Maintenance…

Apart from filling papers and ink to your office printer, you should keep an eye on the over the health of the printer as well. Surrounding debris and dust can reduce the efficiency of your printer. Time to time cleaning and maintenance services are pivotal to keeping your office printer at its best condition.