Plan Your Strategy With These Digital Marketing Tools


Digital marketing has become a vital part of many marketers these days. It is necessary for every website or business to have their presence on various social platforms. Digital Marketing Tools help to plan a digital marketing strategy in a good manner. It helps a business to grab a massive audience towards the website and grab organic traffic to your business. If a website is optimized and responsive, it leads to attract visitors for a repeated number of times. Separate Digital Marketing tools are available for the coverage of digital marketing concepts.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Let’s read about some useful digital marketing tools meant for some specific tasks:-

Mail Chimp – Email Marketing Software

Mail Chimp is one of the secure email marketing software that has 4 flexible plans that grow with the business’s growth/. It has a forever free plan that consists of adequate features required for small scale businesses to start email marketing. It features and services grown as you choose a paid plan starting from just $9.99 and keeps on growing as the company starts growing. It’s some of the amazing features include

  • Attractive and Responsive Templates
  • Built-in Campaigns
  • Built-in analytics to track the effect of Email Marketing
  • A/B Testing
  • Secure Email Marketing Tool

Canva – Visual Designing Software

People these days, tend to remember attractive visualizations rather than what they read or some of them hardly like to read much, so in this case, how to grab the attention of visitors?

Well, Canva can help you out there.

Canva is a tool for creating amazing visualizations and attractive graphic designs.It allows you to make posters, banners; infographics buy an extremely easy way of just drag and drop. Attractive and catchy templates and color schemes provide a best and easy way for a user to design their work well.

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Google AdWords-  For Ads

Google AdWords tool is a tool to grab paid traffic over your website.  It is one of the most important and useful tools to bring the ranking of the website in Google SERP. A well organized and planned ad can lead you to attract targeted traffic over your website. It can benefit you in the following ways-

  • Can help you to grab more visitors on your website
  • More business-related phone calls
  • More Shop visits with Ads popularity

Google Keyword Planner- Keyword Planning Software

Google’s free keyword planning tool enables users to choose the best relevant keyword related to theirs. It also tells you that which keyword must be used as per the traffic and give the build estimates according to which you can plan for keywords for google ads within your decided budget.

Google Analytics – For Keeping Track Record Of Growth Of The Website

Keep a sneak peek over your website with Google Analytics.

Google Analytics keeps you to track the growth report of your website on a regular basis. It provides you with facts like the daily reports of the website, monthly reports of website growth.

You can get a detailed analysis of the following things-

  • Visitors over the website.
  • The repeated visitors and unique visitors.
  • The top pages of the website.
  • The ranking keywords
  • The live report
  • Details about the major traffic coming from which geographical area.

It lets you plan the changes and improvements to your website. It is provided by Google free of cost.

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Ahref is a paid tool that also somehow lets you plan your Digital Marketing strategy. It gives you a detailed report of the

  • Backlinks of your domain- New and Lost Backlinks as well.
  • The top-ranking pages that are grabbing the traffic
  • Comparison f your website and your competitor’s website
  • Comparison of ranking keywords of two websites.
  • Ranking Keywords and referring domains of your website.
  • Overall it is a great tool for planning a Digital marketing strategy in a beneficial way.

Yoast- Plugin Of WordPress

Yoast is a free tool and plugin for WordPress that works in classic WordPress Editor. It let you write SEO Optimized content for your website by focusing on the specific keywords. It provides you the necessary suggestion to improve the SEO of the website along with the details of how to improve it.  It also evaluates the overall readability of the Blog and suggests ways to improve it.

It has some of the paid plans as well with add-on features that can be purchased based on the requirement.

MeetEdger- Social Media Management

The usage of Social Media Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and more, by all the age groups realizes the importance of social media marketing these days. Meet Edger is an ultimate social media management tool that helps you to manage and schedule your social media accounts and keeps your business active in the newsfeed of your audience.  It saves a lot of time.

Rule The Social Media With MeetEdger!!!

Digital Marketing Tools

Buzz Sumo- Content Research Tool

Buzz Sumo makes you aware of what content is trending related to the keyword. It helps you to plan your content well optimized. You can search for the trending topics in your niche and the social engagements of the related posts. This can help you to aim at your targeted audience quite easily.  Content analytics can help you to track the performance and trend of the keyword or your topic. You can start BuzzSumo’s free trial today to avail of its best services. After that, it has reasonable and beneficial paid plans as well to keep continuing.