Manage QuickBooks Online in Multiple Companies


We are regularly asked by means of our clients whether they could create or add more agencies to your QuickBooks Online account. The solution to this is sure and the method to do so is pretty easy as well. In this blog, we point out the diverse elements of QuickBooks on-line multiple businesses that want to be considered by means of small business proprietors all around the world who are currently the use of this highly beneficial software.QuickBooks Online is able to seamlessly sync Square with QuickBooks.

After reading this, you may be able to add more corporations on your QBO account simply by following some steps. One element to note, however, is that even though you can gain access to all the agencies with the same login credentials, each company has to be a subscribed one, i.E., you’ll pay for each one on a subscription basis.

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It’s vital to notice that there are versions of Quickbooks you could use. You can either buy the o*ffline model of Quickbook*s in your computer’s local place network on the office, or you may subscribe to the online model of Quickbooks, wherein your statistics may be safely stored in the cloud. Whichever one you select will rely on an evaluation of the pros and cons of every and your personal preferences.

Online vs. Offline

Since there are two variations of the software program, there are two processes you could comply with to open more than one agency below the identical account, depending on which model you’re the use of.

If you’re jogging the offline version of the software, the manner of adding a new organization is the equal, irrespective of how many companie*s* you open; you may truly use the New Company Interview wizard to do the job. You will have a document for each new business enterprise you open, and you may be able to customize the report for the groups you open consistent with your preferences.

Switching Between Companies

If you would really like to switch from one enterprise file to another, the technique is straightforward. From the current enterprise record, go to the main menu bar and click on at the tab labelled “File.” Click on it, and several options can be available to you. Click on the choice labelled “Open Previous Company.” You will now be led to some other window with the listing of agencies that might be under your account. Simply search for the unique organization record you would like to open and click on it after which click at the button labelled “Open.”

Setting Up a Company within the Online Version

In Quickbooks Online, multiple businesses will each have their very own subscription set up. In case you don’t already have an online Quickbooks account, you will first need to create it.

Choose a Country: The very first step is to select a country for your new organization. You will then be taken to the Quickbooks Online website that is unique in your region.

Pick Quickbooks Version: Once you are on the proper website, pick the version of Quickbooks that you would like to use. You can have the option to either purchase it now or start the loose trial, again depending on the country. Whichever you select, you will be taken to the Sign In page.

New Account or Sign in: In the Sign In page, you can either signal into a present account or determine to add a new account. If you’ve got a present account on Quickbooks Online, simply sign into it. Otherwise, you may create a brand new one.

Adding Another Company

As noted before, including a brand new enterprise to the Quickbooks Online version is as easy as subscribing to a brand new corporation.

Choose a Country: Again, begin via going to https://quickbooks.Intuit.Com/pick out-country/ and pick your country so that you can be directed to the right version of the Quickbooks Online website.

Pick Quickbooks Version: You must now pick out a Quickbooks product, depending on the subscription plan you want. You can choose among Simple Star*t*, Essentials, and Plus. Once you’ve picked a product, either purchase it or start the unfastened trial.

Buy Now or Continue Free Trial: On the subsequent page, you may have considered one of two possibilities. Either, you’ll be required to continue to the unfastened trial, or you’ll buy the product now. You can be offered a reduction if you choose the Buy Now option.

Add Company: Since you have got already opened an Intuit account, adding another organization is as easy. Select the option labelled, “Add some other agency?” on the top of your screen.

Remember, you will need to pay a monthly subscription rate for each of the Quickbooks Online organizations which you have registered. This is one of the disadvantages of getting more than one agency on Quickbooks Online.


Here in this blog, we share the information on the various step to managing QuickBook online in multiple companies. Hope this article will help you to get a better understanding about all above the process.