Outdoor Activities for the Whole Family


Getting outside and spending time together is an awesome way to ensure that your family bonds and gets physical activity in.  Although there are plenty of ways to spend time together outside, these are the top five for almost any family!

Taking a Fun Hike

Although the term ‘take a hike’ has been played on as a way to tell someone to leave: taking a literal hike with your family is a great way to stay active and have fun!  Consider researching local trails if you travel, and while looking at real estate for sale in Whistler, you can be blown away by the dozens of hiking and biking trails available.

Take the time to pack a backpack, including things like sunscreen, bug spray, water, snacks, and a small first aid kit so that if you are hiking for a couple of hours, you’ll know that your family will be safe!

Picnics in the Park

A picnic is a fantastic way to enjoy the outdoors with your family!  Create a basket of treats ranging from delicious savory meals to sweet delights to enjoy after.  If you want to get the whole family in on it, ask for different family members to help with other parts of the meal.

This could mean cleaning and plucking grapes off of the vine with a toddler and making a tasty potato salad with a tween. Consider how much difficulty they can handle, and have fun making the food to enjoy it even more rewarding!

Building a Garden Together

Creating something with family members will ensure that you grow closer and enjoy the work.  Building a garden doesn’t have to mean that you spend hours every day in the yard.  Instead, make a garden of whatever size suits the time you can commit.  If that’s less than ten minutes a day, you can get away with planting tomatoes and corn and be able to handle it.

Growing food teaches kids the work that has to go into what we eat every day and gives them the chance to work towards a common goal that will result in a tasty treat.  Have everyone in the family pick a good that can survive growing in your environment, and make a family garden based on that!  It’s fun, teaches responsibility, and won’t leave you exhausted from work.

Roller Skating 

Roller skating is an awesome way to get in a workout while having fun.  Ensure that kids have the proper safety gear, so they don’t get hurt: and make sure to wear some yourself to show that it matters.  From here, it’s a good idea to teach younger kids how to handle their skates and do the sport safely. 

This is easiest to do on slick and smooth ground, so seek out concrete that isn’t too bumpy to avoid falls or injury. Then, as your family members get better, you can hold races and competitions to see who can go the fastest or do the best tricks!  Just make sure to be safe and show your kids how careful to be by doing it yourself.