3 Tips and Tricks to Look Extra Generous at Your Family Reunion!

Probably, one of the easiest ways to show kindness to other people is by showing that you are willing to invest time, money, and effort for other people without expecting something in return. In other words, your willingness to give or generosity will somehow show how kind of a person you are. This value of generosity is what other people lack. Thus, we are all looking forward to expressing this value when interacting with others. 

And in showing generosity, it is a must that we first practice this value within our family. As per the famous belief, “Your family should always come first”. However, expressing generosity within your family’s borders can be extra challenging but is truly worth it. Being generous, let us say in a family reunion, can leave an expression that you are a part of a family that is indeed always willing to help. In this blog, we will help you think of the best ways you can show your generosity in your upcoming family reunion.

Prepare a thoughtful gift for every family member

Who would not be grateful after receiving a gift? Of course, everyone will feel grateful for it. One way to show your generosity within your family reunion is to prepare a well-thought gift for every member of the family. Most of the time, family reunions are celebrated during special occasions like Christmas Day, or New Year’s Day. These events are also the season of gift-giving. Thus, if you are thinking of giving a gift, make sure that it is well-thought based on the personality of the person to whom you are giving it with. 

For example, a perfect gift for the busiest person in your family would be a timepiece since they always have a hectic schedule. A timepiece will surely be useful for his or her everyday errands. Giving a luxury watch is also a great way to show extra generosity! You may try to give him or her a famous Rolex, Tissot, Hermes, or Cartier watches. Another example is that if there is a member within your family who likes gardening, you may try to give a couple of ceramic pots for him or her. Ceramic pots cost a bit pricey than the typical plastic plant pots but it will surely show how generous of a person you are! 

Bring heaps of delicious food to the banquet

Of course, if there is a gift-giving, there is also a food-sharing in your family reunion. In this part of your reunion, each adult member of the family shares his or her specialties and delights. If you are currently thinking of the best food to share for your family dinner, make sure that it will catch the taste of every member of the family. Though making dishes is not that pricey like giving gifts, if your dish is liked and loved by every member of the family, that is exactly what you need to show generosity. They will surely be looking forward to the next family reunion after they have just tasted your specialty!

Volunteer to celebrate at your house

If you do not have money for gifts and you also do not have the skills to cook exceptional dishes to share, do not worry because there is another way for you to show that you are also generous like other members of the family. This is simply by volunteering to celebrate the family reunion in your house! The initiative to offer your own time and space is already an indication that you are indeed willing to help and offer what you have to other people. No question asks, the most generous member of the family might be that person who always initiates to offer his or her own private spaces to conduct such big celebrations. It is because if you offer your house as the event’s place, you will be obligated to prepare a lot, from the decorations up to the after-event cleaning which will consume much of your time and effort. Keep in mind that generosity is not only about money. It is also about giving time and effort to other people willingly.

In a Nutshell

Family reunions are one of the most awaited events in a year. It is where every member of the family will finally have the chance to catch up after a whole year long of individual errands. It is also the opportunity to express love, care, and of course, generosity for your family. To do so, you can prepare a well-thought gift for everyone, you may share your food specialty, and you may also offer your house as the event’s place for the reunion. With these things, you will surely be able to show extra generosity!

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