How To Save Kids From Online Learning Threats?


The present pandemic has substantially added to the screen time of the kids. Earlier, kids used to go to school, play outside, and meet their friends in real life. Due to the pandemic, every activity they do has turned online. This increase in exposure to the World Wide Web has proved dangerous for kids. According to a report from June 2020, in a mere three months of online education, malware attacks in education have risen tremendously. Due to this, parents now have to take extra measures to keep their kids safe from the threats of online learning. 

But, is there a way through which parents can easily keep their kids safe from threats on the internet?

The following article is the answer to all your worries. In the article, we talked about simple and effective ways to keep your child safe from the threats of online learning.

How To Protect Your Kids From Online Learning Threats?

Online learning has come up as a revolution in the education systems of our kids. Online education mainly operates through third-party video conferencing applications that have had many security breaches in the past. The following are some ways you can apply to keep your kids away from the security risks of online learning. 

1. Have Secure Wi-Fi Networks

Use Secure Wifi

Always connect to a secure Wi-Fi network when using the internet. The public Wi-Fi networks are encryption-free and can lead to data breaches. Hackers can easily access your systems through public Wi-Fi connections. This can lead to the theft of personal information like pictures, login credentials, personal data, and financial information. If not all the information, the hackers can still get some parts of your personal information, which could be used further to fulfill their ill intentions.

When you use an encrypted internet connection, the data goes back and forth and is encrypted with the use of a security key. Hence, even if the hackers get your data; they will be unable to read it. 

2. Invest In Parental Monitoring App

Parental monitoring applications are the most effective way to save your kids from the security risks of online learning. The tracking apps for parents provide several features to ensure overall monitoring. Parental control apps like TiSPY give parents access to their kids’ devices. Parents can track the web browsing history of their kids remotely. The apps work in stealth mode. Hence, do not let the kids know about the tracking. Parents can access their social media activity and internet browsing activity. Also, the screen time of their kids can be tracked. Parents can also track the information their kids are sharing on the internet. Parental monitoring apps like TiSPY provide a dashboard where all the tracking information is accessible conveniently. 

Hence, invest in parental control apps to keep your child safe from threats of online learning. 

3. Educate Your Child About Online Threats

Parents educating child about internet

 In a typical household today, both parents are working. For this reason, they cannot keep an eye on kids’ internet usage activity all the time. To promote safer online learning security, parents should have an open conversation with kids and educate them about the threats of the internet. The world of the internet proves itself very fruitful if used wisely. Keep the conversation ongoing on the subject of the internet. In this way, the kids would know about the threats and safe practices to use the internet. They will know the appropriate behavior to use the online learning platforms and will be mindful while sharing information on the Internet. 

4. Be In Contact With Cybercrime

Contact cybercrime

Due to the pandemic, kids have relied on the Internet for their education as well as entertainment. They use the internet for online learning, playing games, browsing the internet, watching videos, and connecting with their friends. This high involvement of the internet has also led to an increase in cases of cybercrimes. Parents need to know different ways scammers are used to attacking kids. Keep yourself updated with the latest trends in cybercrimes. Read news articles and blogs related to cybercrime to keep yourself well versed in their threats. 

Hence, while monitoring your kid, you will be able to save them from any potential threat in time. 

5. Configure Web Browser To ‘Safe Search’

The Internet is an ocean of information. When kids get exposed to this large amount of information, it is very likely for them to get distracted. Some of the information on the Internet can be very harmful to kids’ minds. It can have adverse effects on them and can also hinder their growth and development. 

To prevent the security risks of online learning, parents can configure the web browser to ‘safe search’. The configuration of the web browser will restrict inappropriate and harmful information to reach the kids. Parental control apps also help parents promote safe browsing by alerting them when a child is exposed to harmful information while browsing. 

6. Apply Age Restrictions To Invalid Media Content

Access to invalid and inappropriate content has increased because of contributing factors like increased use of the internet, better wifi connection, and the easy availability of the media. Sexual and inappropriate content has been made available on the Internet in different forms like games, videos, graphics, cartoons, and apps. This kind of media content can negatively affect a child’s mind. Using tracking apps for parents, you can apply age restrictions on inappropriate media content. The parental control app allows you to restrict the media, which is harmful to kids’ minds and promotes safer online learning security. 


With the increase in the use of the Internet, kids are exposed to many threats from online learning. The dependence on third-party platforms has exposed kids to many malware threats. The insecure third-party video conferencing app is at risk of data and security breaches. Hence, parents need to be extra cautious about their kid’s online learning behavior. Parental control apps are the most efficient and convenient option for parents. Using its several features for tracking kids’ internet activity they can promote a safe learning environment for the kids.