What to do if your iPhone Screen is Broken?


Once an iPhone screen is broken, it is sometimes difficult to assess the level of damage at home. You may need an expert to review the phone and assess whether the screen has affected the inner parts or if it can be replaced. Although most of these screen issues can be rectified, accessing the damage it has caused on other components is relevant. Take a look at some of the things you should consider if your iPhone screen breaks.

Be safe

When your iPhone suffers screen damage, the first thing to do is to ensure that you are safe. When a screen shatters, many small but sharp glasses will poke out, and it might be dangerous to touch the screen surface with your bare hands. However, you can use a dry cloth and wipe some of these glasses to prevent further damage. Alternatively, you can cover the screen with clear packaging tape as you plan on seeking help from an expert. However, by all means, ensure that you are safe and avoid doing anything that may cause more damage.

Assess the damage

The next big question that must be answered before seeking any assistance from experts is the level of damage. What is the level of damage? Is it a single crack, or has the screen been shattered completely? Depending on the level of damage, your phone repair service expert will explain whether you need to buy a new phone or instead replace the screen and keep moving. However, it is worth noting that the warranty period given by the organization does not cover physical damages on your iPhone. But, consult a verified dealer to avoid intermediate remedies that might ruin your phone completely. You can consult the company directly for a piece of advanced advice.

Backing up the iPhone.

If your iPhone is still working, it is central to back up your gadget, especially after cracks start to display. There are chances that the damages have affected the internal components of your device to some extent.  In addition, such damages might affect your phone’s efficiency, and it might turn off until it is repaired. Backing up your files will ensure that you do not lose any critical data on your iPhone if the damage affects its memory. In addition, even if your phone fails to operate, it can be recognized by a computer for backup.

Find the best Repair Option.

Once you have accessed the level of damage, you will be placed in a good position of making the right decision. You need to consult a trusted dealer who will fix your gadget without further damage. Depending on the level of damage, you can send the phone back to the manufacturer and allow their experts to fix your screen. However, you have to be patient enough and pay some additional charges for the services offered. If you opt to use local repair shops, ensure that they have the right experience of handling your iPhone. It is advisable to spend some more funds and time as you wait for your phone to be fixed by the manufacturer rather than using a local repair shop and end up losing your phone completely.