Mobile development trends


Mobile applications and mobile versions of websites are gaining popularity every day and are actively integrated into everyday life. Consumer expectations are outstripping the development of mobile applications along with the number of smartphones purchased. The mobile revolution is gaining momentum. This means that the development market has a large growth margin. It should also be noted that the boundaries between mobile applications and mobile sites versions are gradually blurring.

2018-20 years were breakthrough years for mobile app development. Total revenue from sales in the iOS App Store and Google Play for the first three quarters of 2019 was $ 23 billion. This is a record figure in recent years. Statista’s data for 2020 is also impressive, with the mobile app industry’s gross annual revenue of $ 189 billion. The research figures may differ slightly, but in general the conclusions are as follows: the market is still far from saturation, said Darren Keane from Storm International.


In 2020, Blockchain technology has had a significant impact on the world of mobile applications. The revolutionary solution brings much-needed security, reliability and simplicity to mobile development. Given the growing need for data security in the medical and financial spheres, blockchain is in demand in mobile applications for payments and transfers, health monitoring, contracting, mutual settlements between financial institutions, personal identification, etc. The use of Blockchain technology can make any modern company competitive.

Mobile wallets, payment integration

Given the increased need for security during payments, companies are adopting more advanced mobile technologies, noted Michael Boettcher from Storm International. For example, giant marketplaces and on-demand apps integrate payments. Payment services based on leading mobile operating systems are already being developed.

Mobile wallets are being developed on the modern payment methods basis, and the possibility of payments made using cryptocurrencies possible. Today, more than ever, users want to have in their arsenal various ways of making online payments.

Augmented reality

This technology has the potential to accelerate sales and improve service for many businesses. It will be possible to conduct 3D presentations of goods and services not only in your office or store. For example, using augmented reality in Pure Cycles, users can assess the size and other characteristics of each product by attaching images to individual areas of the apartment.

There are developments for car repair. After synchronizing the smartphone with the car, you need to turn on the application, point the phone camera at the engine and all the necessary technical characteristics of the car will appear on the screen: from the temperature under the hood to the remaining brake fluid.

The technology has a great future: it allows you to create educational and entertainment projects using mobile applications.

On Demand Applications

The modern market offers more and more services implemented using applications: taxi calls, hairdressers, florist services and flower delivery, repair services, calling electricians, reserving tables in restaurants and cafes.

The trend is still relevant in 2021, it is gradually acquiring the character of the leading UX development trend. Improving the technology of obtaining services to order – this is the main task of the companies providing the service: how to save the client’s time even more with the help of mobile developments and provide an even better service.


By 2025, according to Statista, the global chatbot market will reach a growth point of $ 1.2 billion. Chatbots are becoming a natural phenomenon in mobile reality.

They are most commonly found in trading apps and mobile wallets. The technology is being applied in connection with the growing trend of customer self-service, which is supported by approximately 50% of customers. Popular chatbots – NatGeo Genius, Whole Foods, BabyCentre UK, Duolingo, etc.

Mobile app and page design trends

Design plays an important role in development. Active sites are constantly bypassing and updating designs, which you can see on Shangri La, Darren Keane noted. Together with the application idea, it sometimes becomes the key to this or that service popularity. What trends will 2021 set us? What apps will be at their peak?

Simplified design

Zero UI is the trend of the new year. In the design of most mobile development, we will find the advantage of airspace between elements. Bright, pure colors will prevail. The priority is functionality. Thus, the user is not distracted from solving their problems by too complex images. This trend is also called “invisible” design.

Voice input. Voice-first.

Developers will turn their attention to the development of both touch and voice input. Both working principles with mobile applications are actively developing. Multifunctional as well as sophisticated voice devices for mobile development will appear. The rapid development of voice assistants is predicted, which have already become popular among users. Udonis notes: 2 out of 5 people regularly perform daily tasks using voice interfaces. This development of programmers turned out to be really convenient, which will fully justify itself in 2021.

Combining applications into one. Building ecosystems

In the coming years, we will face a war of industry leaders for users. Now banks are moving towards combining many mobile services into one. For example, applications of some banks began to resemble a social network more and are not limited to purely financial transactions. Now, in such applications, you can even order a ticket to the theater or quickly book a place in the evening at the bar. And even play a simple game when you need to kill time.