How to Become a Freelance Handyman


Have you always been rather proficient with DIY jobs at home? Do you enjoy fixing things and working on small home improvement projects? Are you looking for a change of career or a way to make some extra money? If your answer to these questions is a ‘yes’ across the board, you might want to consider the option of becoming a local handyman in your neighborhood and beyond. Many people don’t have the time or expertise to do odd jobs around the house, which is why they are willing to pay a handyman to come and do it for them. If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, below are a few tips for you to set yourself up as a freelance handyman.

Full-time or Part-time?

If you are looking to start a new career, full-time will naturally be the better option if this is the kind of work you want to move into, but if you’re simply looking for a way to boost your income, doing odd jobs on weekends would be the better option. Starting work as a freelancer in any profession can be daunting as it takes time to build your client list, so if you are going to focus on this full-time, make sure you have some work booked in for the first few months while you try to get your name out to other potential customers. You might even want to do this on a part-time basis initially until you have a good client list and regular work coming in.

Register as Self-employed

You must remember to register as self-employed as a sole trader with the relevant authorities. If not, you might end up facing fines or more serious problems because you’ve not paid your taxes or the information listed is incorrect. You should also make sure you have the right business insurance, as this will be a legal requirement and will help protect you when it comes to public liability and cover the costs of damaged or stolen equipment. 

Stock up on Supplies

To avoid wasting your client’s time and yours, make sure you’re buying in bulk, so you have plenty of screws, nuts, bolts, and other useful equipment at hand. You can purchase these things and get great discounts as a trader from sites like Tradefix Direct. Make sure you order as soon as you see your supplies running low, so you get them before you run out completely.


You will need to make an effort to advertise yourself as a freelance handyman. You can list yourself on specific websites that list traders for all kinds of jobs so customers can find you. You could also post leaflets through doors or take an advertisement out in a local paper. Social media is another useful marketing tool for freelancers, and remember to create a website for yourself that can offer more information to customers about your services and your contact details.

If you love DIY and would like to turn your passion into a career, consider setting yourself up as a freelance handyman and use these tips to do it.