Microsoft Outlook Customization to Progress Your Workday


When most people think “streamlined interface” and “strain-unfastened operation,” we don’t consider the Microsoft Office suite. It is an unlucky reality for plenty of corporate employees, but a terrific percent of groups use Microsoft Outlook as their mandated electronic mail patron. Also read about how to fix PII mail error [pii-email-37f47c404649338129d6]

Yes, it’s unpleasant out-of-the-box, and sure, it is bulky. However, it actually may be an effective productiveness device. By customizing Outlook a bit, you can create and abide via an effective GTD workflow a good way to make you a far greater effective employee.

In this text, I want to attract a few analogies between what Outlook offers (or can provide, after a piece of customization) and some of the extra famous electronic mail customers and productiveness software. 

We will aspire to make Outlook resemble a number of these extra streamlined pieces of software, and I will point out a few quick ways that you can. Hopefully, this makes you sense greater “at home” with Outlook at work.

Inbox Aspirations: Gmail, Apple Mail, Thunderbird

Gmail, Apple Mail, and Thunderbird all have tons of nicer interfaces than Outlook. Outlook’s out-of-the-box interface is cluttered and leaves most effective about 25% of the screen for the real email message. Like Apple Mail, others do not have as many distracting buttons and pop-ups, which they recognize up to seventy-five % of window space for your messages. To remove the litter from Outlook, we can disguise a few pointless menu bars and make room for the all-crucial message frame text:

Customization Steps for a nicer Outlook Inbox

Hide the To-Do bar on the right – When you are studying emails, you don’t need to be afflicted with to-dos. Use the “Task” screen in Outlook when you’re equipped to address to-dos.

Hide the Navigation Pane at the left – Apply favorite folders, to then show-up properly on the right-hand aspect of the screen. You do not need to peer all folders all of the time.

Hide the Ribbon-bar on pinnacle – Yes, this could conceal the Forward, Reply, and New Mail buttons. Learn to use the Hot Keys.

Use Hot-Keys – Per the above, this is a much more efficient manner to command your Outlook, and it’s going to assist in clearing a variety of muddle from the pinnacle of your display.

Productivity/Task Screen Aspirations: OmniFocus, Things, Todo

Outlook out-of-the-box is critically missing in a GTD interface. For this cause, it is hard to manipulate emails as responsibilities and comply with-ups: Many Outlook customers simply end-up with 100s of emails flagged for Today or Overdue, with none indication of what type of attempt is involved in replying or actioning on every one of them. 

To avoid this mess, we can follow the subsequent Outlook capabilities to make the Outlook “Tasks” display a greater powerful GTD/productiveness engine:

GTD Projects – Outlook emails can be slotted into initiatives by transferring them into “Favorite” folders with your venture names. You will want to create a folder for each of your initiatives.

GTD Contexts – Contexts are the person, location, issue, time, or power you need to complete an assignment. Outlook lets in you to tag obligations/emails with classes. You can create a class to reflect the contexts you could have in your different GTD structures.

GTD Due Dates – Outlook permits you to assign Due Dates to responsibilities/emails using a flag system. You can flag tasks due as “Today,” “This Week,” “Next Week,” “No Date,” or “Custom Date.”

GTD Perspectives – Most properly productiveness software program lets you filter out/kind based on all the above consistent with defined views, e.G., “Tasks Due Today,” or “Tasks that require misplaced of energy” could be special views. This lets in you to select obligations which might be maximum relevant to your modern country. 

I suppose that is wherein out-of-the-container Outlook lacks the maximum. You can, however, define your views in the “Tasks” display below View -> Change View -> Manage Views. Try setting up a “Today,” “Next,” and “Someday/Forecast” View, so that you recognize what’s due at different instances.

So, again you are at work and also you locate yourself flustered with Microsoft Outlook’s bloated interface, cluttered Inbox, and shortage of a productivity engine, attempt some of the stairs above. By customizing Outlook to copy your favorite software program, you may understand that Outlook isn’t always so terrible in any case – it simply needs a bit of love.

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Guides to Fix “Outlook Not Responding” Cases

The following are the common reasons and resolutions for an Outlook not responding case that generates the “end system” message.

First and essential, earlier than you try to discover a complicated answer, recollect optimizing your Outlook mailbox utilizing an optimization upload-in much like a Weight Diet for Outlook. 

More regularly than no longer, Outlook ceases to reply due to a massive mailbox report that calls for Outlook extra resources than the computer can provide. Weight Diet for Outlook is capable of restoring your Outlook stability and overall performance by compacting and lowering the mailbox record. As a result, this may require fewer Outlook resources.

Microsoft Outlook is possibly the maximum complicated Windows email purchaser software program. It has several features, and it is also designed to feature as a connectivity device to other hardware or software program products. 

Consequently, its ability to remain stable additionally depends on 1/3 celebration drivers or applications, so a poorly designed software program will necessitate even greater gadget sources, causing Outlook now not responding cases or even Outlook crashing down. 

To resolve this, restart the Outlook. But if the problem does not disappear, recollect shutting down 0.33 party software programs which might be operating concurrently with Microsoft Outlook, possibly one of these software packages reasons Outlook to forestall responding.

Microsoft Outlook has a complicated device for integrating Outlook add-ins. Even though most of the people of add-ins are designed to decorate Outlook overall performance, there are cases in which 0.33 birthday party upload-ins purpose struggle of programs or maybe crashing of Outlook. 

When Microsoft Outlook produces errors or stops responding following the installation of a brand new add-in, try to disable the add-in and test if there’s a distinction. If Outlook began to work properly, look for Outlook add-in updates through contacting its developer or simply take it away for appropriate.

The Outlook mailbox becomes loaded if you have quite a few incoming emails, and also you do now not delete them. When the mailbox is full, it’ll require plenty greater time to browse every mailbox folder. If you open folders while Microsoft Outlook is currently having difficulty displaying their content material, this could probably reason “Outlook no longer responding” notification to pop up. 

To save you or solve this, create numerous Inbox sub-folders and then relocate Inbox emails to the brand new subfolders. You can do this without problems through the use of the auto-archive function. This Outlook function can routinely create a backup for older emails within the Inbox and area them outside the principle mailbox folder.

All anti-virus and anti-spam applications are made to protect malware and junk emails. But an extremely zealous anti-virus and anti-unsolicited mail application or overly strict protection settings could make it tough for the upload-ins or the Outlook to feature efficaciously. 

An anti-virus application can block the upload-in inflicting an Outlook not responding case. You can configure your anti-virus or anti-unsolicited mail software program to make it well-suited with your Outlook upload-ins.

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