Decode the Top 6 Benefits of Using Azure Cloud for Your Business Here.


Companies worldwide are slowly beginning to realize the importance of using Microsoft Azure to increase their profits. With the help of Azure, businesses are redefining how they carry out their daily tasks. Worldwide, about 90% of the Fortune 500 companies today use Microsoft Azure Development to enhance their productivity.

By using well-integrated cloud services, companies can quickly build, deploy, and manage simple and complex applications efficiently. Some of the most commonly used facilities supported by Microsoft Azure include frameworks, programming languages, databases, operating systems, devices and more. Azure Cloud allows companies to take the best advantage of the tools and technologies they trust to grow their business.

Here’s why you, as a business owner, should choose Azure for your company.

  1. Azure Provides the Abilities Of Iaas And Paas

Among other things, Azure offers the capabilities of both Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service. With the help of IaaS, your company can outsource its infrastructure to Azure. Also, you only have to pay for the services that you use. PaaS, on the other hand, will allow you to create your own Software and solutions all without buying or maintaining any underlying groundwork. Top Azure experts who are part of the Microsoft Partner community can work with you around Iaas and PaaS so that you can build solid enterprise apps on the cloud and increase your business growth.

  1. Azure Can Help You with Identity and Access Management (IAM)

By using Azure’s secure IAM capabilities, you can enable the user to access the information that he/she is looking for. Azure offers such capabilities in accordance with Azure Active Directory services. Azure can also help you adapt better and enriched IAM capabilities. This way your company can reduce identity management costs, ultimately becoming more agile and supportive of innovative business decisions.

  1. Save on big bucks using Azure

One of the best advantages of using Azure for your enterprise is its cost-effectiveness. With Microsoft’s pay as you go, model, you only have to pay for what you use to build or expand the resources with the help of Azure. Using Azure, you can greatly cut down the IT administration cost by a huge amount because all the infrastructural tasks are taken care of by Azure itself. Azure helps you to effortlessly connect datacenters to the cloud. Additionally, it also supports a whopping 42 regions, unlike any other cloud provider.

  1. Azure Offers Excellent Security Measures

Azure has been designed on an industry-leading security process known as Security Development Lifecycle (SDL). This technology contains security as its core, which means private data and various other services stay highly safe and secure on this platform. In addition, Microsoft Azure offers the best compliance coverage. Being the most trusted cloud platform by the US government institutions, Microsoft Azure brags having over 50 compliance offerings. Furthermore, Microsoft’s cloud platform is the first of its kind to follow the new international standard for cloud privacy: ISO 27018. So, you should definitely use Azure for your company because it guarantees the best in class safety measures for all the operations and data inputs that take place on Azure Cloud.

  1. It Has Excellent Hybrid Capacities

What makes Azure unique is its unparalleled hybrid capabilities. If you want an easy mobility system along with a system that is reliable and consistent between an on-premise and public cloud, then Azure is the answer. Using Azure, you can leverage a wide range of hybrid connections, some of which include caches, content delivery networks (CDNs), virtual private networks (VPNs), and ExpressRoute connections that can enhance usability and performance.

  1. Azure Offers an Integrated Environment with Other Microsoft Tools

Microsoft offers a very wide spectrum. There are several tools connected to Microsoft such as Office 365, SharePoint, and Outlook. If your organization is heavily depended on all these tools, and if you are looking for an immaculate platform that can support them all, then Azure is the solution. Using Azure, professionals at your company can simplify their operations by making use of the same virtual on-premise systems including Windows and Linux.

In conclusion

Wrapping up, Microsoft’s Azure has established a strong foothold in the world of cloud computing. There are various other cloud platforms available that provide a similar type of services to the users; two of the most popular ones include Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. But we’d still recommend using Azure because Microsoft is rapidly launching new and exciting components in Azure. That’s why it has scored higher in the market place compared to other programs. Additionally, other trusted Microsoft partner (one such being Saviant) are also assisting companies to build secure and highly scalable cloud-native applications by fully leveraging Azure.