Machine Learning is the Future for Web Design and Development


Machine learning can make computer systems efficient enough to learn more about how to perform a task without instructions from humans or to rely on patterns. If you think that machine learning is just about new scientific discoveries or making a drastic change to our lives, think again. Businesses can make use of machine learning to get great websites as in the future it will be one technology, along with AI that will rule. 

Dubai will host the World Expo next year. Starting on October 20, 2020, it will be a mega-event for the city and especially the people. We all know how big the event will be, as millions of people from around the world will visit Dubai over the course of 6 months. The role of computer systems in this context can be termed as crucial. Right from basic websites to full-fledged eCommerce portals, and monitoring of data to predict how much companies will earn, machine learning is everywhere. 

There are several companies that are already making full use of machine learning to come up with interesting web designing. In the wake of expo 2020, several companies want to make sure that their individual portals are well-made and can engage their prospective customers to no end. Just ask for a top website design companies in Dubai to get the best results in this concern. 

Website Design to the Rescue

The design of a website in the future doesn’t need to be out of this world to get the attention of their target market. It is all about using the right tools in the best possible way. But why do we put so much emphasis on design in the first place? Let me define this first before moving on to how machine learning is helping companies in this concern. 

A website’s design is the first thing that we notice. Apart from the featured product or the Call to Action taglines and phrases, the design is what anyone can notice even if he is not interested in browsing through the website.

Companies need the design to attract customers, and machine learning is helping them going the distance. Let me offer you the example of Yelp, the business directory, and a review forum and how it has used machine learning to its advantage. 

Yelp’s Use of Machine Learning is Clever

We all know how cool it is to try out a new eatery in our neighborhood and then write a detailed review about it. There are several reasons for which many of us are engaged in this activity as Yelp handles thousands of such posts daily.

And when we complain about a restaurant, images and videos are a must. Talking about images, Yelp knew about the importance of images and started to use machine learning in this concern. 

The year was 2015 when Yelp first started to use machine learning, and pretty soon it realized that there are many things to take care of. Millions of it as Yelp users were uploading hundreds of thousands of pictures daily, which translates into millions of pictures a month. The task was overwhelming, but Yelp made sure it stuck to machine learning and came out triumphant as a result.

Through machine learning, Yelp’s staff was able to compile and categorize images efficiently, a feat simply not possible with any other type of algorithm or use of the software. Similarly, but a level above Yelp, Facebook is also using it to use chatbots to perfection. 

Let’s talk about it in detail so that you can see another powerful aspect of machine learning. 

Facebook’s use of Machine Learning is Something to Marvel at

If you want to use a communication software or tool, what would you use? Skype is one of the software, but an overwhelming majority of Facebook’s over 2 billion users use its messenger service too. Facebook Messenger, as we all know it, is all about getting in touch with your contacts 24/7. So, it is not a surprise that Facebook always looks to enhance this software to perfection. 

The use of messenger as a chatbot is now rampant as many companies are using it for their customer support services. And with machine learning helping out companies, the result is amazing for all the services. Developers can now easily create and submit a chatbot for inclusion in Facebook Messenger. Startups and SMEs with a little budget in this concern can also use messenger now. 

Facebook, being the world’s largest social media platform, looks to take more out of machine learning than just this feature. With the integration of some AI features, Facebook is now able to filter out spam and content that is of poor quality. And the future will bring out features which are unheard of; offering visually impaired people images which can be read to them. 

Use of Machine Learning in Designing Websites

As discussed before, there are several factors that are in favor of how companies can work with machine learning and create great web designs. If you are wondering about what machine learning can do in this concern, there are lots of options, especially for the designers, so that they can create a design that is truly outstanding. 

Research and development concerning web design are exactly what you need to come up with a great design. Machine learning, along with AI capabilities can make things work for a company, in finding a perfectly suitable design. Responsive websites that can change and update content and design automatically is one of the features businesses look forward to when they think of machine learning. 

Keeping up with the user’s demand nowadays is one of those features which every company looks to achieve. Companies looking to capture the input of the users and their habits to customize a particular web page further can now get their wish. It is not a fantasy anymore as machine learning is capable of offering great web designs as computer systems can search for great web design. 

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