Is a ‘diploma’ and a ‘bachelor’s degree’ the same thing?


Diploma and Bachelor degrees are representative of two different levels of education with a difference in duration of the courses. A diploma course is usually shorter than a bachelor’s degree program. However, both the course of study can prove rewarding by adding more skills and knowledge to your work profile. 

 A part-time diploma is a shorter duration course that can offer in-depth knowledge of the selected subject and develop skills relevant to the latest trends in the industry that can increase your employability. At the same time, a degree is an advanced education option in the subject of your interest that usually takes years to complete. However, both the study programs are available in many different courses to chose from your area of interest. 

The education system is progressing with various educational programs to equip the students with the latest skill sets to advance their careers. With a degree program, you can pursue a specialisation in a field of study ranging from BA, B.Tach, BBA, BSc, etc. On the other hand, with a diploma course, you can obtain a focused knowledge on a specific area of study to develop skills relevantly.  Aspiring students can select the course of study that best suits their comfort. Choosing the right educational path can contribute to lucrative career paths. 

A degree is a higher education qualification in a subject as your major, and the course curriculum is designed to ensure a well-rounded education. During the years of learning, the student receives a comprehensive knowledge of the chosen field of study. Degree programmes are full-time courses to ensure expertise in the selected subject. A certificate is then given by a recognised institution on the successful completion of the degree. 

A diploma course is a detailed course that usually takes a year or two to complete. The course provides the students with an in-depth knowledge of the chosen subject area, with field-specific classes designed to acquaint them with industry-related skills. Diploma courses focus on the technical skill development of the students. These skills are considered to be essential to secure a position in the job market. 

It is also crucial to know about the different awarding bodies that provide students with a bachelor’s degree and diploma degree. A polytechnic college or institute awards a diploma degree,  whereas colleges and universities award a bachelor’s degree. The main focus of a diploma degree is to make the students ready for a job in the industry by focusing on specific skill development. A bachelor’s degree is a more comprehensive study that focuses more on theoretical academic knowledge.

Be it a bachelor’s degree or a diploma degree, the knowledge imparted during the learning process are valuable as they cater to academic brilliance along with upgraded skills that take your career to a great height. Studying for a higher degree can be your gateway to a futuristic industry-aligned career with the latest knowledge and application-oriented skills. Apply now to increase your potential for the most in-demand jobs in the market!