6 Questions That You Must Ask A Home Seller


Home is the biggest investment that you make once in lifetime, and thus when you decide on buying a home, you should be sure that, “it is the one.” 

You do not want to invest all your lifetime savings in a property that you may not even like and are unsure about. So, it is better to do a bit of research or you can get help from professionals like REP Calgary Homes on your own before you make the final call. This post will discuss the top 6 questions that you should ask the property seller before you make them an offer.

Why are you selling the property?

Property is a big investment, and when someone is planning to sell it, there ought to be a big reason behind it, and you have all the right to ask the seller, why are they selling their property?

There are so many reasons like marriage, job change, death of someone dear and even retirement. Though the reason might not always be an honest one, it will provide you with some information, and you may even provide you with the leeway to negotiate the price. It may also allow you to rethink your decision to buy the house.

How long have they been living there? 

It is an important question as their duration of living in that house will hint at whether they have enjoyed living in that house or not! Yes, you heard that right! If their answer is 6 months to a year, then it is a red flag as it is a short time and definitely, they have not enjoyed living in the house and thus are moving out. 

Listen to what they have to say, observe in detail all the red flags and take time to rethink after the discussion whether you want to buy the house?

What all items are included in the sale?

Light fixtures, bathroom accessories, and faucets are considered to be a part of the house, which is included in the sale. However, it is important to get it in the writing that what all will be included in the sale.

It is better to ask the seller directly if you are not sure, as you do not want to be disappointed afterwards when you move into the house and find a bunch of items missing, which you thought were included in the sales. It is important to get the legal paperwork sorted by the right person if you do not want surprises and cut the chase short. You can hire the best property buying and selling company we buy houses NJ. They will take care of all the legal paperwork and make sure that you get the home of your dreams.

Has there been any major renovation in the home lately? 

Is there any problem in any part of the home like leakage and any major renovation or maintenance work done? It is important that you know the home’s maintenance history and cost. The seller needs to be upfront about it as well, even if the house is currently facing any problem. 

It is not a bad thing; if the seller is honest, you will know about the problematic areas of the house and the portion of the home, which can cause a problem in the future.

How are the neighbours? 

There is a saying that goes, “Love thy neighbour,” but what if the neighbours are rude, loud, and simply trouble- makers? So, you must get to know a bit about your neighbours and the experience of the current homeowners before you make an offer. You will definitely like to move next to a neighbour who are a complete nuisance. 

How old is the roof?

A roof is an important part of the home, and thus if it is not in good condition. You require to repair it soon after you move in, you will have to end up shelling out a lot of money, thus ask the seller directly about the condition of the roof or get it examined by a home inspection service.


So, these are the top 6 questions that you should ask the home-seller before buying the property. It will give you an idea about the situation of the home and whether your decision to buy the property is right. Good Luck!