4 Interesting Art Mediums to Try for Your Next Project


Any artist will tell you that one of the most captivating things about creating art is the act of continuously looking for newer and better ways to bring your work to life. Different artists have varying methods for accomplishing this, but the main goal of improving and growing as an artist is most common.

One way in which artists attempt to develop their craft is to use different mediums for their projects. While there is nothing wrong with sticking to the classic canvas and paint, it can be fun to break away from what you know and try out something new.

Using different mediums for things like sculpting and painting can allow you to grow as an artist and find a new way of expressing yourself. Sometimes, using an interesting medium is a great way to find new inspiration and revamp your creative process.

With that in mind, here are four interesting art mediums to consider trying out for your next project.

1. Polyurethane

If you have always wanted to try sculpting, there are a wide variety of mediums that you can choose from. You can opt for more traditional materials such as clay or go a different direction by trying out mediums like pourable polythurane foam. Such a material can also be color pigmented to completely customize the product to bring your specific vision to life.

2. Ice

Ice is a challenging but fascinating material to work with for sculptures. It can be a bit intimidating when you first attempt to sculpt with ice, but how this material reflects and bends light can make for an amazing end result.

Those who work with ice should bear in mind the fact that such sculptures are obviously not made to last. They can, however, make for a beautiful showcase piece for a formal event that you are organizing or attending.

3. Wood Panels

If you want to continue to paint but want to try something other than canvas, consider using wood panels instead. Give yourself a larger space to work with to create a statement piece that can serve as a design focal point for a certain room.

The rustic look that you can achieve when you use wood panels for a painting can help inspire your work, particularly if you like to do landscapes or more nature-themed projects. In addition, using such a natural medium can really serve to enhance work that focuses on natural themes.

4. String

Those looking to move away from painting and sculpting can consider using string for their next art project. Using string of varying colours to create unique patterns can produce a great effect.

There are several different techniques that you can use when working with string. Depending on the overall style that you will be working in, you can opt for something more modern with clean lines or something more rustic. Whatever style you opt to go for, the end result can be a stunning and vibrant piece of work.

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