How to Promote Your Digital Artwork on the NFT Marketplace


Artists have been waiting for mega exhibitions and the right customers to sell their artwork, but not anymore! With NFTs in the market, the art industry has been revolutionized, and digitalization has taken over. The digital art world is becoming the next normal, and artists are greatly inclined towards it.

They can sell their artwork on a digital platform for a substantial sum of money. The only question here for newbies is “how.” This article will walk you through an expert platform to promote your digital artwork on the NFT marketplace. Keep reading to know more!

Tips to promote digital artwork on the NFT market:

Various artists are jumping into the digital art world owing to its ever-increasing sales figures. The new venture has been busy doing wonders for digital artists and opening new opportunities for newbies. However, selling artwork online is not easy unless you follow the following tips seriously. Let us go through them quickly!

1. Be active on social media:

Social media is turning out to be the go-to platform for spreading the word about digital artwork and their auctions. Having more followers on these platforms will certainly help you because they can create a buzz if you ask them to. Following platforms are helpful in driving more people to your online art gallery.

i) Twitter:

Your digital artwork sales depend on the number of people visiting your art gallery. Twitter could be a great platform where you can put the link in the bio and convince people to click it. The more you have a large followers’ base, the better.

People on Twitter will not only visit your gallery but also will share it with interested parties. As links are easily shared on Twitter, it is now becoming a go-to platform for digital artwork sellers and creators. It would be best for you to explore NFT marketplace art before you set the route to your online gallery.

ii) Instagram:

Twitter has been considered good for sharing links, but when it comes to creating hype and buzz, Instagram could be the best choice. To be generic, all social media platforms are playing their part, but most artists agree to Instagram.

Having considerable followers base on Insta will certainly help you promote your digital art on various platforms. You can exhibit your portfolio and current projects here, which can help you attract serious collectors and buyers.

iii) Reddit promotion:

Content aggregator communities like Reddit can also play a handy role in your digital artwork promotion. The amazing thing about Reddit is it has voting power. Think about your artwork getting more and more votes, it will go up in the ranking, and more and more people will see it. Don’t you think it would help?

Another secret no one has ever told you is that Reddit has over 8 million users in the crypto art community. Posting your portfolio, current projects, and previous work will certainly help you know your worth. Moreover, you can also get in contact with potential buyers and collectors.

2. Use correct hashtags:

How can you promote your artwork and pictures on the internet when millions of similar works are posted simultaneously? It sounds challenging, but it is doable. Wondering how? By using correct hashtags or hashtags correctly. Doing so will help you build a circle and promote your work which will be visible.

You must include the right hashtags in your profile and post description on various platforms. You can also use the hashtags for Twitter and Instagram as they can move you up the ladder, and chances are the right customers may eye your work.

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3. Share more than mere work:

Sharing your creative work on various platforms and NFT marketplaces will help, but what if you try something extra? The creative process of your work, the inspirational stories, or how you put together your work will certainly spark interest. It would be best to generate interest during the weeks leading to the auction.

Sharing your work will not get you as much return as you could get on sharing the add-on content. If you share relevant content about your work, it can create a lot of buzzes. If you have creative art pieces with attractive descriptions, now is the time to register them on NFT marketplace art.

4. Seek out collectors:

Being active on social media like Twitter and Insta will cross your paths with interested collectors. These collectors will have money to spend on digital art, but they need to be convinced. Hence, it is best to seek out such collectors as readily available to buy your stuff.

A few collectors might leave a reply with contact details on your work. It is best to reach out to them and make a deal if possible. However, you need to watch out for scams as the marketplace is flooded with them.

Sell your digital artwork on the NFT marketplace!

NFTs are making their place in the industry, and everyone must accept it. If you are an artist, you need to expand your artwork to digital horizons. Explore NFT marketplaces and sell your artwork online!