How To Use Twitter Hashtags: 7 Tips That Shoot Up Engagement


Twitter is one of the gainful and commercial social media platforms. It has a monthly 330 million active users. However, it does not meet Facebook, Instagram range. Anyway, Twitter has smashing marketing possibilities; hashtags changed the entire social media, especially on Twitter. Through hashtags, you can make your tweet noticeable, with the use of the right hashtag campaign, you can reach your focused group of people. Twitter hashtags have the power to make you viral and trending your content when you use them wisely.

What Are Twitter Hashtags?

On Twitter, people use hashtags(#) before any unbroken words or relevant keywords to categories the topic of those tweets. It helps them easily show up in Twitter search. When you click or use hashtags in a tweet, you view all the linked tweets that include it. Hashtags can be added anywhere in the tweet and provide tweet context and longevity of that particular tweet.

How To Follow Twitter Hashtags?

You can find your hashtags manually on Twitter by following the steps 

  • First, you have to go Twitter search
  • Just type the hashtags followed by the hashtags sign in the search tab, which is in the top right corner near your profile options.
  • You will end up getting the most similar and relevant tweets, famous accounts using your hashtags.

You need to update with trending hashtags, so then and there you must check and browse to know trending contents.

Twitter Hashtags Tips That Shoot Up Engagement

Twitter Hashtag Tip #1: Keep Hashtags Clear And Concise

When you are constructing your hashtags, make sure it must be more exactly connected with your content. And easily spelled, pick catchy words; avoid going with many phrases. People should not have any difficulties or discomfort in finding or getting understandable. On the other hand, you can increase your hashtag’s visibility by getting as many Twitter Retweets. If you look at top brands or companies, they will not overthink creating hashtags for their product or content. Simply they go with a product or brand name as their hashtags. When you notice deeply, you will detect only one of the product names; other than that; nothing will be added as their hashtags. 

For instance, see NetFlix; you can notice their active presence on Twitter, promoting all their shows with single hashtags. #TheWitcher #DarkNetflix you can find these hashtags as very clear and quickly you can get it.

From this example, you can get that product, and brand hashtags will work well. At the same time, avoid using multiple phrases.

Twitter Hashtag Tip #2: Avoid Multiple Hashtags

Think about too many hashtags in your single tweets; it will annoy the people who visit your tweet. Besides the recent point of Twitter is adding one or two right, most relevant hashtags are adequate to catch your tweet’s sight.

For instance, if you have added too many hashtags like #upcoming #new, #arrival #today, #stay #tune, it will be more irritated.

Provide linked and tangled hashtags for your content or tweet matters. It must match or fit precisely to the specific content. Come with unique hashtags for your tweet to get more attraction towards you.

Twitter Hashtag Tip #3: Follow TitleCase

Start with a capital letter to divide the words of hashtags, so that it makes people undoubted and spot the theme of the hashtags effortlessly. 

For instance, look at these two hashtags, #watchstory, and #WatchStory? The first one seems to be unclear, and it’s quite difficult to understand, whereas the second one is crystal clear. 

Many marketers are getting failed and unnoticed with this type of format, even though their hashtags are created well.

Twitter Hashtag Tip #4: Keep It Short And Sweet

When you add too many phrases in a single hashtag, think about how it will reach your audience. Your hashtags must be small, tiny, so that it’s easily memorable. People find it painless to use your hashtags everywhere. You may have long-phrase hashtags with unique style with catchy words, but people don’t prefer long lengthy hashtags. Because they think that it is difficult for them to use. 

Twitter is all about short messages, be with the flow, and begin to focus on short and unique keywords for your hashtags.

Twitter Hashtag Tip #5: Join With Trending Hashtags

If you detect any trending hashtags in your industry, grab the opportunity and join them to popularize your content. Suppose if you get to know that there is a huge event that is planning to happen in your industry or any influential hashtags, now it’s essential to take part in it right!. You may think it’s irrelevant, but you have many chances to get your brand more exposure across your industry.

If you want to know the influential hashtags, follow your industry’s influencer, see what they are doing. Once you spot their hashtags, use it for your account.

Twitter Hashtag Tip #6: Benefit From Tools

When you have difficulties in discovering or exploring the right hashtags, you get help from the tools. There are many tools in the market, which help to explore more relevant and popular hashtags for your tweet. Tools like Hashtagify assist you in providing trending and similar hashtags according to your content. Besides, there are tools which offer you tweets ideas and give relevant hashtags ranking list. In that, you can pick the best for your content.

Twitter Hashtag Tip #7: Collaborate With Twitter Influencers

If you want to make your product and brand’s hashtags famous, collaborate with Twitter influencers. While team up with them, make sure they belong to your industry having the highest engagement and followers count. Then partner with them to promote your hashtags in their account. It helps to attain a good image for your account.


You may have the thoughts why we should take this much effort for hashtags, but it’s really worth it to spend time building special hashtags. It may look simple; still, it has the strength to grab a lot of attention to your content and your account. If people like your hashtags, they enter into the conversation of your content. We hope that these smashing tips will assist you in creating excellent hashtags for your tweet.