How to Select a Web Hosting (no – Point Checklist)


What is Web Hosting?

It is fact that every website is stored on a server. The server plays an important role in making your website live on the web. On the other hand, web hosting is the service of storing a website or hosting it on a server.

Web hosting provider is the company that runs and maintains the server that hosts your website. Additionally, these companies often come with useful resources, support, and services like domain registration and custom email addresses.

However, it’s a crucial step to select the right web hosting services to host your website. The server impacts website security, availability, and performance.  Plus, selecting the wrong plan or web hosting provider will affect the website performance and other factors as well.

Likewise, a Cheap Web Hosting in USA plays an important role in protecting your website and making sure it stays up 24/7. If you’re getting poor customer support or don’t maintain its servers well then it’s 100% sure that your website will suffer.

Preferably, you will be using a hosting plan as per your specific needs and your budget. Of course, you can consider the most expensive plan also but it’s useful when you’ve enough website traffic else it’s a waste of time and money.

If you’ve never used a web hosting service then this range of services will help you to understand and start with the correct web hosting type.

Explained: Different types of Web Hosting

  • Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a frequently used web hosting service for website owners. It’s hosted on a single server and that shared server is shared among various users.  It means a single computer will host various websites. Plus, you’re going to share the resources with other users on the server. It’s suitable for bloggers, small and medium types of business websites, new startups, etc.

  • VPS (Virtual Private Server)

After shared hosting, VPS hosting is an advanced type of web hosting service that offers a high degree of isolation between users hosting a website on the same server. This comes up with great security and boosts performance.  Frontwards, you might not get access to the control panel on the higher side. This indicates that you’re using a command line to configure the server to set up the website. For newbie, it becomes hectic to deal with such a situation.

  • Dedicated Hosting

Next is the premium and private type of web hosting server. With    dedicated server, you’ll get access to a single server along with the extra services. In short, you’ve full control over its configuration, and the web hosting provider builds a house for you. Dedicated hosting is the top most web hosting service that needs a fully fledged experience in handling the server.

  • Managed WordPress Hosting

It’s all about offering the types of services instead of offering a plan. With Managed WordPress hosting, your provider takes care of a lot of the day to day maintenance tasks. Here, entire WordPress plans work only with CMS.

Often, it means they have WordPress experts in the team members. It offers some level of managed services. Moreover, it offers free plugin licenses and one click installations.

  • Reseller Hosting

If you’re running a business that includes developing a website, such business is called a development or design agency. This type of business also deals with web hosting.

Cheap Reseller Hosting Plan is a solution for web developers and web designers that can earn extra income by offering a client web hosting service. Those clients directly pay you and you act as a responsible brand that manages their accounts.

How to select a web hosting          

  • How reliable are Host’s Servers?

Performance and uptime are the prime factors that affect the   working of the website. However, SEO is influenced by website performance, bounce rate and conversion rates. Also, indicates how trustworthy your website to the audience on the web. We are not overstating when we are saying your server’s reliability directly impacts the website’s bottom line. You must check the uptime of web hosting provider which should be 99% or 99.9%. This indicates that your website is live 24/7 on the web. Also, look for CDN service which also aims to provide the best service in delivering the content to a nearby servers.

  • Easy to Upgrade Your Plan

Once a website is developed with all the elements that are needed to make it successful then it’s assured that it will grow. You’ll notice an increase in traffic and conversion rates. However, it indicates that you need to upgrade the web hosting plan.

Almost every website starts with shared web hosting which is low – cost plan. As your website traffic increases it affects the performance of the website, and you need more resources, bandwidth, and disk space to maintain your website on the web.

Check whether your provider is offering upgrades to VPS, Managed WordPress or Dedicated hosting plan for a smooth flow of the process.

Just make sure that you’re not finding it difficult to upgrade the plan, if this is happening then you’re wasting your time and money.

  • Are you getting differences in the Sign – Up and Renewal prices?

It is equally important to select an affordable hosting provider.  Just confirm the pricing before signing up and opt for an affordable hosting plan. Always keep in mind that most hosting companies offer sign – up deals for new customers but renewal cost differs. Hence, paying a higher renewal cost you should avoid.

  • Are you getting a genuine refund policy?

In reality, you’ll definitely opt for the best web hosting provider. This results in the awesome performance of the website with long term duration. Sometimes thing goes wrong and doesn’t get fit into your goals and you end up canceling the hosting.

Therefore, it’s suggested to use the free trial offered by the web hosting provider. This will give you enough experience and things don’t go wrong, you don’t end up paying a penalty.

  • 24/7 Support

A support service offered by a web hosting provider plays an important role. If you’re getting the best web hosting service 24/7 with the maximum reaching modes like phone, chat, and email then it’s you can consider that web hosting provider to host your website.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to selecting a web hosting provider, it can be tough or overwhelming to get a web hosting provider to host your website.

You can ask all your queries to their sales and support team. There are n numbers of parameters that are needed to consider when buying a web hosting service. You can compare web hosting providers on various review sites.