Create Outstanding Business Website with These Web Design Ideas for Brand Promotion


When you have an online business, you need a website. Not just a site for the sake of it, but something that attracts visitors and converts leads into paying customers. For this, you need an outstanding web design to make your home and product or service pages pop and stand out from that of your competitors. Your design could be classy or minimalistic but should relate to the theme of your business.  

According to an article published in Entrepreneur, if you have a small business, keep your website simple and uncomplicated. It helps your visitors to navigate through the pages with ease without confusing them.  

Keep your home page simple  

Your website is the key page that tells loads about your products or services. So, create a simple design to convey the primary brand message to your targeted audience in little time. Online users have a short attention span and so, they will not read every word that you publish on it. They prefer to quickly scan the web page, looking at the brand logo, design, and colors. They focus on business-specific or service-focused words, and not entire paragraphs.  

Keep the navigation menu design simple and easy to click. For example, if your customer is looking for pet grooming services, he or she should be able to reach the right page with a simple click. So, minimalistic design is the need of the hour. Keep essential content above the fold, add visuals, use less text, and integrate a call-to-action. Avoid too much scrolling. Any form on the home page should be in the right-hand corner at the top and not below the page.  

Keep the website mobile-friendly 

Today, smartphones are used more than desktops when looking for products or services. So, design a mobile-friendly site no matter which device your prospects are using to look for information. You can get in touch with Pop Machine Agency for understanding the benefits of a mobile site.  

When you design mobile web pages, think of yourself as an online visitor and test each page, user activities, and buttons they will tap. If you face some issues in accessing a page or the design looks distorted and affects information access, you need to improve your mobile website design. Make the mobile site look clean with no clutter and without the use of unnecessary graphics.  

Keep the navigation smooth 

Great navigation is all about finding information in less time and with a single click. First, link your brand logo to your home page. Design the menu carefully. You can opt for the hamburger menu or the classical horizontal. No matter what you design, the menu must easy to access and find relevant information. Structure the menu according to the significance of every section on the website.  

If your website is long-scrolling with a single page, keep the design vertical. It will help visitors to jump quickly to any part of the site.  


Though this is not the all-inclusive list of website design ideas, the key aspects have been listed. Improve your web design for better conversions.