How to Prepare for the Launch of Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies

Fans of the franchise will have plenty of content to enjoy with Call of Duty: Vanguard set to release on Friday, November 5. In addition to the brand-new campaign, the game will launch with 16 multiplayer maps. As well as the new Call of Duty mastery camo, some unlockable Operator skins, and original game modes like Patrol and Champion Hill, the game will stand out from its predecessors.

Vanguard Zombies: The Story of Call of Duty

With this mode set during World War 2, Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies will continue the Dark Aether storyline. Thus, players should not expect to see characters like Eddie or Sam in this story, even though the tease that an “unexpected ally” will arrive after Season 1 could hint at someone else that players already know returning. The narrative, however, will be directly inspired by the Nazi party’s obsession with occultism.

Oberfuhrer Wolfram Von List, a Dark Aether entity known as Kortifex the Deathless, will be the main villain of the film. After losing the Battle of Stalingrad, Kortifex gives Von List the ability to raise the dead and control them, which gives the Nazis hope for revenge. Von List can be seen using the mass graves in the Russian country in the game’s intro cinematic to build an undead army.

The Uniqueness of Der Anfang

Although the Dark Aether entities will help to solve Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies’ with Call of Duty Vanguard Key. Operator problem, they are not the only addition to the game. The gameplay in Der Anfang will differ from the Survival maps seen in previous games. As with Outbreak, players will complete objectives rather than survive rounds in this mode. The hub area for Pack-A-Punch will be Stalingrad, which will expand as new objectives are completed.

There will be separate locations for each objective in Der Anfang. The launch maps will the multiplayer map Hotel Royal, the Merville farm mapfarms from the campaign, and the iconic Zombies map Shi No Numa from Call of Duty: World aPlayers must kill undead, escort a floating head, and deliver runes to obelisks to fulfill these Objectives, dubbed Blitz, Transmit, and Harvest.o obelisksThere is also a new armored mini boss who wields a minigun, which could make things challenging.own. ObjectiveAlmost completed! Players who complete the quest will receive Sacrificial Hearts, which can be used at the new Altar of Covenants.

In Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies, the Altar of Covenants offers 32 upgrades that are randomized. In the Altar, players can find higher rarity versions of these buffs, ranging from old ammo mods like Brain Rot to entirely new abilities. Covenants should make each match unique, and this feature could make or break Der Anfang in terms of replayability. Perks include new names but classic stat increases such as Jugger-Nog, Quick Revive, Speed Cola, Deadshot Daiquiri, and Stamin-Up. First tiers of each perk will be free for players, while Tiers 2-4 will require points to purchase. As opposed to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, these upgrades must be purchased every time a game is played.

Green weapon rarities will be removed as part of the overhaul, and wall purchases will also disappear. There are some Zombies staples that will remain, such as the Mystery Box, crafting tables, exfils, and Pack-A-Punch machine. However, Treyarch clearly wants to do something different with Der Anfang. The fast-paced experience may disappoint longtime Zombies fans who are used to a round-based approach, but it will appeal to casual players too.


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