How to Prepare for CTET with Job?


The CTET is the abbreviation for Central Teacher’s Eligibility Test. It is conducted by the CBSE which is organized twice a year. It is a very crucial exam for candidates who want to become certified teachers. This exam helps to get a teaching job at private as well as government schools. 

However, it is not easy to qualify for the CET. You need to practice and prepare for this exam, months before. This year, the CTET 2021 exam will be held in December.  Hence, it is very important to maintain balance with your job and your preparation for CTET. Here, we will help to prepare for the CTET exam with a scheduled study plan. 

Exam Pattern of CTET Exam 2021

To prepare for the CTET exam, you first need to know about the exam pattern. You have to appear for two papers to excel in this exam. Read the exam pattern below of the CTET exam 2021

 Paper I

Subject  Total Questions Total Marks Duration
Language I (Compulsory) 30 30 2.5 Hours 
Child Development and Pedagogy  30 30
Language II (Compulsory) 30 30
Environmental Studies 30 30
Mathematics 30 30
Total  150 150


Subject  Total Questions Total Marks Duration
  1. Mathematics and Science 
30 30 2.5 Hours 
  1. Social Science and Social Studies
30 30
Language II (Compulsory) 30 30
Language I (Compulsory) 30 30
Child Development and Pedagogy  30 30
Total  150 150

Tips for CTET Exam 2021

To prepare for the CTET Exam 2021, it is very necessary to manage your time. Here we have listed some time-management tips to prepare for your CTET exam– 

Focus on Weak Areas

Firstly, you need to focus on your weak topics. It doesn’t mean that you ignore the topics that you know. Increase the preparation time for difficult subjects and revise the easy subjects. This will help you to gain marks. 

Manage your time

Secondly, you must make a timetable for per day that is left for your exam. It will help you to maintain track of topics. As a result, you will be able to finish every topic on time before exams. 

Practice Every Day 

Make sure that you don’t miss a single day of your preparation. If you follow this tip, you will be able to crack the CTET on the first attempt. Hence, remain dedicated to your goals. 

Practise Mock Papers

Mock papers help in giving the idea of the question pattern. You will learn how to complete each answer on time. Also, make sure that you don’t spend much time on one question. Move on try to finish on time. 

Pedagogy and Child Development

You must clear all your doubts on this topic. This will lead you to become a good teacher. The exam paper contains plenty of questions on this topic. Make sure you give attention to this. 

Study Plan of 2 Months for CTET Exams 2021

You must follow the study plan for two months for CTET 2021 Exam

Week  Day  1st Half 2nd Half
Week 1  Day 1  Learning and Pedagogy (Emotions and Cognitions) Understanding Children with special needs and inclusive education
Day 2 The language I Unseen Passages (Reading Practise) English Grammar 
Day 3 Child Development  Mathematics- Number System, Integers 
Day 4 Language Skills  Language Teaching Principles
Day 5 Learning and Motivation Critical Perspectives of Kohlberg, Piaget, and Vygotsky
Influence of Environment and Heredity  Algebra 
Day 6 Mathematics- Time and Volume  Science- Natural Resources and Materials
Day 7 Revision of Previous Topics  Revision of Previous Topics
Week 2 Day 1   Teaching Materials  History-Herders and Farmers, Early States
Day 2 Subtraction, Multiplication, Addition, and Division Geography 
Day 3 Data handling  India after Independence 
Day 4 Teaching problems  Language of Mathematics 
Day 5  Any Topic on Inclusive Learning  Mathematics- Symmetry 
Day 6  Food and Shelter (EVS) Circuits and Electric Currents
Day 7  Revision Revision
Week 3  Day 1 Unseen Passages Practise History- First Empire, Delhi Sultans,
Day 2 
Day 3 Geometry, Money, Volume  Projects Evaluation, Judiciary 
Day 4  Experiments or Practical work, Pedagogy- Formal and Informal Teaching Agriculture, Culture, and Science
Day 5  Pedagogy- Community Mathematics, Language Development- Speaking and Listening Natural Phenomena, Moving Things
Day 6  Revision Revision
Day 7  Language proficiency evaluation Comprehension
Week 4 Day 1  EVS- Relation to Science and Social Science, Core Concept Assessment Learning, Intelligence Construct, 
Day 2 Inclusive Learning  Grammar
Day 3 Weight, Spatial Understanding, Measurement Critical Thinking, Judiciary, Media
Day 4 CCE, Concept Presentation, Family and Friends. Caste System, Social Justice,
Day 5 Revision Revision
Day 6 Pedagogy- factors for learning, 

Language development- Challenges, Speaking and Listening. 

Tribal Societies and Colonialism, Political Development
Day 7  EVC and Environmental Education Kingdoms and Kings, Make a Living, Media, 
Week 5 Day 1  Food, Travel, Friends, and Family Transport, Settlement, and Communication, Pedagogy- Sources, Classroom process
Day 2 Comprehension Inclusive Learning
Day 3 Error Analysis

Maths- Time, Solids, Patterns

Political Developments, Democracy, Inclusive Education
Day 4 Listening, Reading, and Speaking. Presenting Concepts  Inclusive Education, Teaching Challenges
Day 5 Revision
Day 6 Inclusive Education Gender- Social Construct, Comprehension
Day 7  Fractions, Ratio, and Proportions,  Natural Resources, Innovation, 
Week 6 Day 1  Shapes and Sizes, Mensuration Pedagogy Issues, Diversity
Day 2 Number System Caste System, Solar System, Women, and Reform
Day 3 Kingdoms, New Ideas Distant Lands, Nationalist Movements, Globe
Day 4 Human Environment, Local Govt.  Revolt of 1857, Geography 
Day 5 Revision Revision
Day 6 Constitution, Society and Rural Life  Political and Social Life, Local Government, 
Day 7  Pedagogy- problems, geometry, construction Unpacking gender, Diversity, Resources
Week 7 Day 1  Earliest Societies, Method of science-Observation, Discovery, Experiment)  Magnets, Daily use Materials, 
Day 2 Food, Shelter, Climate Geography 
Day 3 Food –Components, Sources, Cleaning, Appreciating Science How Things Work, Negative Numbers, Language Mathematics
Day 4 Pedagogy- Teaching Materials, Comprehension Listening and Speaking Skills, Remedial Teaching
Day 5 Revision  Revision
Day 6 Critical Thinking Algebra, Fractions
Day 7  Project Work, Empirical Evidence, Inclusive Learning Concept of SSc., Inclusive Learning 
Week 8 Day 1  Number System, Integers, Pedagogical Issues Political Life, Comprehension, Grammar
Day 2 Money, Geometry  Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication
Day 3 All Topics of EVS Inclusive Education Concepts 
Day 4 Revision Revision
Day 5 Mathematics- Geometry, data handling,  History- When, Where, and How
Day 6 English Grammar, Pedagogical Issues Integers, History chapters
Day 7  Revision Revision


This is the above-mentioned study plan for two months that we have designed for you. Thus, follow the tips and the plans for CTET 2021. Hence, you will definitely achieve success and excel in the exam with flying colours. 

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