A Significant Range of Choices for the Cosplay Costumes


It is the art of creating or buying costumes and accessories for a character, often from fiction (series, film, video game, manga, etc.) in order to put them on and then embody said character during photo shoots, gatherings of enthusiasts or on stage in the style of the theater. You need to choose the best Cosplay Costumes in this matter.

But Why

Cosplayers or “people practicing cosplay”, for the most part, like to meet at conventions and fairs which can address themes such as science fiction, manga or even video games and many other universes conducive to creation. They wear their costumes there, take part in parades or competitions, pose for amateur or professional photographers, and sometimes even shoot videos. They can also host video game or film outings in shops and cinemas, meet children in hospitals, etc.

The important thing is to keep in mind that cosplayers are passionate and creative people, who like to share their enthusiasm, embody their characters and take advantage of this good spirit to spread a positive atmosphere with the only rule: have fun.

The Story of Cosplay

We often think, wrongly, that cosplay originated in Japan, no doubt because of the extent of the phenomenon in this country except it is quite different.

In the beginning, 1939:

first American convention of Science Fiction, the WorldCon is inaugurated. Forrest J Ackerman, a young man in his twenties, goes there as a “Man of the Future” who spits sparks. The creator of Vampirella and inventor of the term “Scifi” launch the idea of ​​dressing up as his favorite character and becomes the first cosplayer in history.

Sixties and seventies:

Star Trek then Star Wars arrives on the screens and with its share of fans. The latter gather by the hundreds during previews and conventions and take part in the “Masquerades”, costume contests rewarding the most faithful reproductions of the heroes of these cult sagas.

80s / 90s’:

emergence of cosplay in Japan with the wave of Super Sentai heroes (like Bioman). It was also during an American convention that a Japanese journalist, Nobuyuki Takahashi, invented the term”cosplay”- a contraction of the words”costume” and “playing”(costume and play), which could be francized in “costume”. The phenomenon will then take an incredible scale in Asia.

End of 90s’:

Europe begins to take an interest in cosplay, especially in Germany, France and Italy. Influenced by American and Asian currents, Europe brings together cosplay of all kinds, to the delight of fans.

At present:

this activity is more and more successful and is practiced by people of all ages, from all walks of life with the same enthusiasm although there are as many ways to practice cosplay as there are cosplayers. There you can choose the Captain America Cosplay Costumes now.

A cosplay is not just a piece of clothing, most of the time. It is the entire character that we will have to analyze, piece by piece:

  • The clothes: the top, the bottom, the belt, the cape, the scarf.
  • The accessories: glasses, hat, weapons, camera, umbrella, book.
  • Armor,
  • Jewelry, tattoos,
  • The make-up,
  • The hairstyle.

The best is to make a list, so you don’t forget. In your diary, your journal, a notebook, on your computer, on an application, whatever. The key is to be able to follow your progress and not forget anything. Because each of these elements will either have to be purchased or made, and will therefore have a cost in material but also in time.

On the practical side, you will like the Cosplaner application (Android), which is free. It allows you to list the items, the steps to make them, or those to buy in the Cosplay store for example, to have some visuals on hand when you go shopping.

Judge the Feasibility of the Project

To make your first cosplay a success, three factors come into play: technicality, cost, and time.

These three factors are interdependent and will influence each other. If the costume requires techniques that you do not have, such as crafting worbla armor, or sewing a corset, either it will take a lot longer to do yourself, or it will cost significantly more expensive to find the right item ready-made and buy it (or have it made). Always, keep in mind this info-graphic: beautiful, fast and cheap, it does not exist.


This is where you need to take your little list of cosplay elements and think about it:

  • What do I already have in my cupboards?
  • What am I going to know how to make easily?
  • What can I buy ready-made without searching the net for hours or breaking the bank?
  • What is technically beyond my reach, or might take a lot of research and trial or error time, if I want to learn this new technique?

It is always better for your first cosplay to opt for a fairly simple character, especially if you are not an expert in sewing or a seasoned handyman. And especially if you intend to enter a contest with that first cosplay (for contests, you need 100% handmade in general, and no purchased cosplay). Exit the big armor, or the mega crinoline, unless you are sure to find them ready-made to buy.

The Budget

Unless you are Croesus himself, or heir to a wealthy family, it is prudent to set a financial limit that should not be exceeded. Because with a ribbon here, a new tool there, it’s quick to add up the small amounts and eat pasta from the 15th of the month.

Have you thought about counting makeup products (yes even for boys, it is sometimes necessary)? The wig? And the shipping costs if it is an internet order? It would be a shame to burn your entire budget in this fabric for clothes and to have nothing left for accessories.

The Weather

Option 1: “I have all the time I want”: This is the Cosplay of your dreams, you have decided to start directly with the project of a lifetime, embroider and craft everything by hand, no deadline? No problem. When it’s over, you’ll be so proud to have done it all yourself. You have plenty of time to source materials, learn new techniques, embroider or paint everything by hand, or have your tailor-made cosplay made by a craftsman.

Option 2: “I need it for the day before yesterday”: If you are preparing this cosplay for an outing, a convention, a costume party, you have a deadline to finish the cosplay. Have made everything there is to craft, and have found or received everything there is to buy. Make yourself a kind of schedule, so that you don’t get caught up in a last minute rush and end up being disappointed because your cosplay is not finished, not complete, not as you expected. Do not forget to count the research time (images, tutorials, online products, in-store supplies) and the order or delivery times for items purchased on the web, sometimes to the other side of the world. Again, it is recommended using the Cosplaner application, to follow its progress and plan its different stages.