Stonk-o-tracker AMC is an unorthodox trend that is gaining popularity in this world of online trading platforms. The word “stock,” that is commonly used to describe stocks that are witnessing a disproportionately high trading volume, is intentionally misspelt as stonk.

A device known as an instrument called the AMC Stonk-OTracker is utilized to track the price of AMC Theatres. It provides real-time information about the trading volume, short interest as well as other vital factors. It has proved extremely helpful to investors who are not experienced in dealing with the AMC volatility in the price of its stock.

Stonk-O-Tracker AMC is an online software developed by an unidentified developer which claims to be as similar as stocks. It has attracted the attention of investors who are known as memes through Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube.

One person said that the tracker was an enjoyable website that was created for apes by amazing Apes. The design of the interface is simple, showing details about AMC, GME, and BBBY.

Stonk-O-tracker AMC

One of the first things you’ll see is an orange-colored bar along at the top of the page. It states that the Stonk Time is in 7 hours 19 minutes 54 seconds. That number is simple to comprehend because it is an indication of the countdown timer to the start on New York Stock Exchange. New York Stock Exchange.



On the left side, just below the barre, the heading labeled. It’s worth noting that the AMC share price was at the same price at the time that it was closed on the New York Stock Exchange closed.

SSR is the abbreviation used to describe the short sale restriction. It is also called the alternative uptick rule. Short sales are forbidden if stocks have declined by 10 percent or more over the previous day’s trading, in accordance with this rule. This stops further short-selling of stocks.

European Stock Exchange

The cost for AMC shares listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is shown under the alias FRA on the Stonk-O-Tracker AMC. It is the FRA is the principal trading platform for stock in Europe and, there prices are displayed in euros.

For Stonk O Tracker, there is an option called the Calls ITM expiring feature. This feature shows the number of call options for AMC stock AMC stock is displayed in the section below. They expire on a date as well as are in The Money.



Stocks may be bought by investors at a price that is predetermined on a specific day. The call option, commonly referred to as a call is a way for him to purchase the stock. The owner can retain the difference if the cost is lower than the actual price of the purchase at that specific day.

According to the Stonk-OTracker AMC 5,445 call options have expired in the next few days and are in the cash. You could think about purchasing a call option AMC stock to get a better understanding of how this operates in practical terms.

If the AMC’s shares is $25 on the day prior to when expires, then it is worth what the call option is worth. Buyers can take advantage of the call option and purchase an AMC share. The buyer can then sell the shares for $25. Tracker o Stonk

Borrowing Shares Are Available

The Stonk O Tracker AMC reveals AMC and BBBY investors. It shows the number of shares of each short sellers can take out.



The purpose of these short sellers is to get shares from brokers. They earn a profit when they sell their shares back to the broker, after having waited for price to drop. The amount of shares that can be borrowed decreases when a stock is highly shorted. Tracker o Stonk

When this article was published AMC shares were accessible to borrow. But keep in mind what the Stonk O-Tracker creator stated. He said the fact that Interactive Brokers delivers the accessible shares for borrowing in huge quantities.

It only displays just the number of shares that are available to borrow. It may not show the entire pool of shares that are available for borrowing. It’s just a snapshot.

It’s all wrapped up!

Stonk-O-Tracker AMC According to creator the website, it is not a requirement for making money. The website is a solicitation for donations to help in operating expenses. You can make use of the funds from your PayPal account to donate. This is happening in place with the confidence that all donations in more than the cost of running expenses will be given to charities.

Shareholders can utilize their Direct Registration System to lock up their AMC, BBBY shares without having to use a brokerage company. A lot of shareholders are taking this action to block short sellers from gaining access to shares. In the event that prices drop, it will be tougher for the market maker.


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