How Technology Can Help Businesses Sell More Products And Services


Whilst technology has made the market a lot more competitive in 2021, it has also given businesses some great opportunities to help increase their sales. Here are some of the best ways technology can help sell more products and services.

Find out what the customer really wants

No matter what marketing technique you use, you’re never going to persuade a customer to buy something if it isn’t something they feel like they need to buy.

The old sayings that nobody would ever buy a chocolate teapot, or you couldn’t sell ice to an Eskimo, are obviously true because nobody would want to buy a product that would break easily or that they simply wouldn’t need. The only problem is a lot of these realizations of what a customer would or wouldn’t want from a product are a lot harder to realize.

One of the best ways to find what crucial features are the deciding point between selling a product that will attract a small number of people or be a global success is to ask as many potential customers as possible.

Market research is vital to any industry, whether it be a food, leisure, or even medical company. Many medical providers conduct Unmet needs analysis to identify unmet needs that drive winning innovation. This research analyses more than just how satisfied the customer is with an existing product.

It instead researches things like the unconsidered tasks that patients need help achieving and the pain points they experience and allows designers to reimagine their products to help solve those problems.

Allow others to review your product

You might think the best way to persuade people to buy your product is to simply list all the best features on your product page. The only problem is these products listings often include a lot of technical jargon that a lot of customers might not understand and make it difficult to know whether it’s the right product for them.

Instead, one of the best ways to persuade people to buy your product is to get other people to explain your product. As an existing customer has nothing to gain by selling further products, a customer is a lot more likely to believe them if they say they’re happy with a product in a customer review.

A customer is also in a much better place to be able to explain the practical ways it helped them rather than just describe technical features. Make sure you include a process to allow customers to submit reviews on any page your product is listed on.

Increase your brand awareness

Of course, to sell products, you first need potential customers to know about your product. One of the best ways to increase brand awareness is over the internet, as you can target a lot of people no matter where they live in the world.

Whist it can target a wide number of people, it can also help you target specific groups of people too. For example, consider advertising on a website that people who are most likely to buy your product would visit. If you have a fitness product, try and buy advertising spaces on fitness websites.