DesignBro helps businesses build a memorable brand identity


Not everyone can create memorable designs. However, because of the rise of online learning websites like Skillshare, Udacity, and Alison, everyone and their mother is trying to learn new creative skills. That is especially the case now, as people find new ways to occupy their time during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to the influx of new creative minds, it has become increasingly challenging find designs that fit a brand’s unique needs. For this reason, it is essential that for a company which is establishing its brand identity to have the right tools to transform their professional dreams into reality.

The goal of establishing a brand identity is to create a positive image that will capture the attention of a company’s target audience. Developing a customized, quality logo may seem unnecessary. Even so, creating a logo that builds a positive brand identity can help a business be more successful and support its business goals. Of course, a brand identity is more than just a logo. Nevertheless, developing a cohesive and professional branding identity is an integral part of any effective branding strategy. It will take a lot of research, time, and effort to develop a style that successfully and uniquely meets a business’s goals. Be that as it may, this is possible with the right tools.

DesignBro is one such tool that businesses can use to create unique, customized designs which reflect their brand identity. It is an online graphic design marketplace that connects brands with experienced designers who can bring their brand identity to life. DesignBro maintains quality by carefully selecting the best designers through their vetting process. Moreover, the platform’s “competition” format allows clients to review multiple submissions and choose the best design for their brand. By making quality the central pillar of their vision, DesignBro aims for a better future for both clients and designers.

Logos and other visual content give personality to a brand. A brand’s visual identity influences the public’s perception of that brand. For this reason, visual content should be designed to complement the brand’s overall message and promote their business goals. DesignBro’s platform helps clients find top designers who can create a cohesive brand image with their creative content. The DesignBro team is passionate about helping brands create content that differentiates them from their competition.

The competition format of DesignBro’s platform encourages designers to compete for exposure and the privilege to work with businesses. This gives brands the opportunity to work with the best, most qualified designers and to create content that supports their goals. To apply, clients begin by filling out a creative brief that explains what they would like to communicate through their visual content. In addition, clients must describe their brand identity, and answer questions about their business and target audience.

In the next stage of the process a few designers submit their designs to the client, who then connects with chosen designers to give them feedback directly. The client will then pick up to 3 finalists who will perfect their designs with the company’s feedback. Finally, the client will pick a winner, and receives their full-copyright, production-ready files. Clients also have the option of creating a Non-Disclosure Agreement at an additional cost.

Companies should always state clear guidelines explaining how they want their brand to be represented on various mediums to ensure consistency. By doing so, they can build engagement with their target audience and encourage customer loyalty.

With tools like the DesignBro platform, companies can create memorable content to help them achieve their goals.

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