How Law Firms Can Expedite Personal Injury Claims


Getting injured is a fate no one wishes on themselves or anyone else. Sadly, personal injuries do happen and when they do, the best course of action is hiring a law firm to file the claim on your behalf and get you a settlement as quickly as possible. As a law firm hired to handle a personal injury claim, you already know that the other side will have lawyers whose job is to stonewall and ensure your client sees as little compensation as possible. So, what can you do to speed up the process and ensure your client gets the best outcome?

Obtain Evidence Quickly

Getting the right evidence gives you enough ammunition that you can use to get your client a better settlement. If you have good evidence that the defendant is worried would make things worse for them if it went to court, then you will have a better hand at ensuring your client gets a settlement quickly. Gathering the right evidence as quickly as possible ensures that if nothing else stalls the process, you will be able to file as soon as you can, thereby helping expedite the process. 

Use Medical Records Retrieval Services

The right medical records are an important part of proving that a plaintiff has the injuries they have and is the bedrock on which many personal injury claims are built. However, obtaining the right medical records is time-consuming and expensive. It requires that a law firm assigns a paralegal or assistant to follow up with the healthcare institutions involved to obtain all of the necessary documents. Following up like this and getting the medical records can take a very long time.

Law firms that want to expedite their personal injury claims can use medical records retrieval services to obtain the necessary records. This ensures the firm can get the records as quickly as possible and leaves the firm with enough time to focus on other areas pertinent to the claim, such as talking to witnesses.

Stay in Regular Contact with Your Client

Your client will always be at the center of the case and will be your most important asset. Staying in regular contact with your client ensures they can pass on any evidence they have as soon as they have it. It also gives you the chance to ask them for additional details whenever you need them and be sure that your client will get back to you as soon as they can.

Use a Cloud-based Document Management System

A lot of time is wasted printing non-essential documents and then ensuring that they reach the desks of everyone working on a claim, case, or suit. Using a cloud-based document management system ensures that all the documents are available online and can be accessed by everyone who has permission to use them. Instead of sending documents back and forth, all you need to do is inform everyone else of the changes on important documents and they will be able to work on them as soon as possible. By using such a system, you can complete all the requisite steps required before filing and be able to file faster.

Although how fast a claim flows through the justice system is not up to any particular law firm, there are still a few things a firm can do to expedite the process. The time savings seen throughout the process can translate into your client seeing results faster than they otherwise might have.