How big data is changing the healthcare industry?


If you will look at any of the industries around you or the industry where you are working then you will realize that each and every type of industry has gone through a vast phase of transformation. Now, almost all the industries out there have become more effective and efficient in terms of how they function. Well, there are surely many reasons that must have influenced these changes but when you will start looking for the biggest changing factor then you will find technology as the best answer. Well, the same can be said for the healthcare sector as well

Well, the healthcare sector has gone through a vast phase of transformation that has completely how this industry used to function. From AI to cloud computing, every type of technological advancement has influenced the healthcare industry to become better but the one technological solution that has the biggest impact on the healthcare industry is big data.

Big data as the name suggests is the large amount of unstructured data that is being produced on a daily basis. Because of the influx of digitization, big data has become a new normal for most of the people and there are maximum chances that the amount of data being produced will keep on increasing. Even when you visit a website and leave it in a couple of seconds, you leave behind a lot of information about yourself and your internet using pattern.

You should know that big data has now become a new normal for most of the industries and soon the same will happen to the healthcare industry as well. This is why, in this blog post, we will look at some of the different ways in which the healthcare industry is being transformed by big data just like QuickBooks Premier hosting has transformed the accounting industry.


You might be surprised to know this but big data actually help in saving money for the healthcare sector. Your traditional method will never allow you to harness this benefit of big data in the healthcare sector and this is one of the main reasons why it has become so famous. By making predictive analysis with the help of big data, you can easily predict the admission rates and this will help you in better staff allocation. This will also help you in reducing the rate of investment incurred by your hospital and aid you in utilizing your investment in the best possible way.

In addition to this, even the insurance industry can save a lot of money by backing wearables along with health trackers for making sure that patients do not spend more time in hospitals. You will be surprised to know that a large chunk of the healthcare sector is already using predictive analysis for cost-cutting and better allocation of every type of resource.

Health tracking

Both big data analytics with the help of the Internet of Things is completely changing the way one can track a wide array of user’s statistics along with vitals. Along with the average wearables that allow users to detect sleeping patterns, exercise, heart rate, and distance walked, there are now many advanced wearables that allow the user to measure their blood pressure, glucose level, and many other important health factors.

When both people and health organizations will have better access to the health reports of the people, it will become easier to keep everyone out of the hospital as much as possible. This will become possible because both people and health organizations will get alert about any health issue way before it becomes severe. This will surely be a revolutionary change that will be applied to the healthcare sector and it will be made possible through big data only.

The assistance of high-risk patients

Gone are those days when each and every type of data was kept in papers and files in the healthcare sector. You can imagine the potential of the data if it will be completely digitized as it can be later used to the different patterns of the patients. With the data in hand, health organizations will be able to easily identify the patients that will be reaching the hospital on a more frequent basis, and then their chronic issues can be easily identified. In the modern era, there are so many patients that giving care to all of them is not possible.

But by taking advantage of big data, it will become possible for healthcare professionals to give proper care to all the high-risk patients and this will be one of the biggest changes in the healthcare industry. You should know that this type of use of big data will also allow healthcare professionals to provide customized service to the patients.

Minimizing errors

Well, there is no room for error in the healthcare sector because all the professionals dealing in the healthcare sector are dealing with the lives of the patients. But we still have to live with the fact that there are many cases where a wrong medicine is prescribed to the patient or completely different medicine is dispatched. In such cases, the loss can be very big and this is where big data can turn out to be really a saviour.

You should know that big data is already being used in the healthcare sector in order to find the already prescribed medicines and then there will be fewer chances of making any type of mistake. There are even highly useful software solutions that are based on big data in the healthcare sector and even they are being used to minimize any type of error related to medicine prescription or anything else.

Big data hasn’t become a mature technology yet but still, it is showing a lot of potential in each and every type of sector including the healthcare sector. If you have never used big data or heard about it then you will see it becoming a new normal in the healthcare sector just within a span of a couple of years.