List of Common Mistakes that People Commit while Making Sales


Sales play a key role in the growth of an organization in bringing money and potential customers. With each passing day, organizations focus on training their sales team to deal with the sales operation without facing any complex situation. A salesperson must have some professional skills to be a part of the a competent sales team. No organization or business hire a salesperson who has no skills that are necessary for making sales. Selection of a skilled sales team is critical as their competencies are directly related to an organization’s sales and productivity.

Why do sales mistakes occur?

The chances of mistakes are likely to occur while performing sales tasks. There may be various reasons behind the birth of such errors. Some of the very common mistakes happen because of the incompetence’s and negligence of the salesperson. Apart from the mistakes that occur due to the salesperson’s failure, some errors happen due to poor sales strategy by the higher management or the sales team lead.

Common mistakes that sales reps mostly do while making sales

Below are some of the common mistakes that salespeople commit while making sales.

1.    Not understanding clients problems

One of the major points that a salesperson must take care of while making sales is understanding the clients’ problems. Most salespeople commit the mistake of not understanding their prospect’s actual situation and start selling their product. Listen to your client, understand their issues, and provide a solution and explanation on how your product will help solve their problems. To learn how to avoid such mistakes and increase your sales, consult a professional sales company in Dubai for your organization’s better future.

2.  Lack of salesperson knowledge

Mistakes become very common when your salesperson is unprepared and does not know what to talk about with the client. Always prepare your presentation before speaking to your prospect and have full knowledge of your product and services. Customers may ask any random question, and not answering any of your customers’ problems is the biggest mistake that a salesperson can ever commit.

3.  Poor Attitude

Customers want respect and want you to treat them as someone special. When a salesperson shows a poor attitude towards the clients, their poor attitude offends them. Be nice and polite to your customers; your attitude is key to make your client listen to you. Salespersons who fail to show a positive attitude towards their clients; communication with the client is very limited and less productive.

4.  Talking more than listening

The salesperson throws the words at the listener without listening to their clients. Listening skills are one of the must-have skills for a good salesperson. Stop and listen to your prospect when you finish talking.

5. Don’t make promises you can’t keep

Most of the salespeople make promises that they can’t keep. The sales team must know what is within their limit and what not. Most organizations or businesses lose their clients because they can not fulfill the needs that they promised.

6. Sharing the price in the end

One of the important points that salespeople must take care of; is when to share the product or service price. The sales team often shares the product price initially, which sometimes makes the client lose interest in listening to the speaker. Don’t share the price in the end that all your effort and time don’t go in vain.

7. Do not interrupt your client

Some of the salespersons keep interrupting the clients, which is offensive. That way, the customer will not show any interest in buying the products or services.

8. Approaching the wrong clients

Salespeople mostly approach the wrong clients and customers. The wrong client here means that approaching the customers who have no concern with your product. Please don’t sell your products to the people who don’t need them.

9. Not paying full attention to your client

Most salespeople commit mistakes of not paying full attention to the clients when communicating with them; if the salesperson is on a call with the prospect, the salesperson must pay full attention to the client without talking to people near him/ her. Give all your time to the client while you chat. If you are short of time and want someone to deal with your customers by paying them full attention, hire the services of a sales company in Dubai to listen to your clients and their problems attentively.

A competitive sales team is a life savior

Your competitive sales team is your biggest and precious asset. They bring money and trustworthy, long-lasting clients to your business. Spend more time to train and develop the skills of your sales team. Hire competitive and skillful workers who have expertise in dealing with any run time problems. If you feel the need for outsourcing the sales and customer service go for it without hesitating because several agencies offer professional services.