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It is essential to maintain smooth operations and provide quality care in the healthcare industry. Smart Square HMH is a tool that can help you manage your workforce and schedule efficiently. This article explores HMH Smart Square and its features. It also explains how to get the most out of this intelligent tool.

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The following is a brief introduction to the topic:

Smart Square HMH is a healthcare scheduler that, in collaboration with Hackensack Meridian Health and powered by Avantas, offers workforce management and predictive analytics. It is a software tool that is easy to use and appreciated by healthcare managers because of its practicality. Its analytical and value-added functions are essential in providing efficient solutions for healthcare workforce.

What is Smart Square HMH?

Smart Square, developed by Avantas and Hackensack Meridian Health in collaboration, is the epitome for efficient workforce management. This partnership has led to a suite that works smarter and more efficiently for healthcare workers.

The healthcare industry has evolved rapidly and requires time-efficient systems of management. It is a perfect solution to scheduling, optimizing staffing, and improving communication.

How to Login Smart Square HMH?

In recent years, healthcare organizations and hospitals have experienced revolutionary changes. They are now required to operate efficiently in an environment that is constantly changing. Smart Square HMH is the perfect solution. Smart Square HMH is a powerful tool that helps schedule, optimize staffing and address communication challenges.

  1. Business Intelligence Tool

Smart Square is more than just a scheduling tool. It’s an integrated business intelligence solution that empowers healthcare managers with useful information. These are just a few of the features it provides:

2. Schedule Dashboard

Managers can evaluate the staff schedules efficiently, making sure that the correct people are at the right place and time.

3. Financial Dashboard

This feature helps organizations to keep an eye on their financial performance by providing daily productivity results.

4. Variance Dashboard

The Variance Dashboard can be used to compare data and identify trends.

5. Time Efficiency

Efficient staff scheduling is crucial in healthcare. Smart Square allows managers to optimize their schedules and reduce wasted time and resource.

6. Transparency

Transparency is a natural result of a system that can be accessed online. The system allows staff to access their schedules, as well as other pertinent information.

Smart Square HMH also features pre-postings, self-scheduling, cyclic schedules, rapid shift recruitment and open shift management. All of these features work together to make healthcare workforce management more effective and efficient.

Smart Square HMH Benefits

Smart Square HMH has many benefits. This cloud-based platform for workforce management and scheduling, designed specifically for healthcare organizations, offers a comprehensive solution to managing staff and organizational issues. It is trusted by over 4,000 healthcare organizations worldwide.

1. Details Insights

Smart Square HMH provides detailed insights on workforce management and enables organizations to make data driven decisions.

2. Useful Analyses

The software includes useful analytical tools to monitor and optimize staffing levels.

3. Minimise Scheduling Issues

Smart Square HMH automates staff scheduling to reduce scheduling conflicts.

4. Staff Attendance

It makes it easy to track staff attendance, helping organisations maintain adequate coverage.

5. Shift Swapping

The system allows employees to easily swap shifts, which reduces the administrative burden for managers.

6. Advanced Algorithms

Smart Square HMH uses advanced algorithms to ensure efficient resource allocation and scheduling.

7. Robust Communication

Staff members can stay informed and connected with the software’s communication tools, such as emails and text messages. This reduces the risk of miscommunication.

How to Login Smart Square HMH?

It is easy to access Smart Square HMH Login. This is a guide that will help you.

  1. Launch your Web browser
  2. Open your web browser of choice on your computer or mobile phone.
  3. Type “Smart Square HMH”, then hit “Enter”. This will initiate the search.
  4. Click on the official link that appears in the search results.
  5. Log In

Click on the Login option once you are on the Smart Square page. Enter your login credentials. Click “Log in” after adding your login credentials, which are usually your username and your password.

You may need to provide more security information to ensure that the login process is secure.

How do I change the Meridian Smart Square Shift schedule?

Smart Square HMH provides an easy-to-use interface for employees to manage and view their schedules. How to change your Meridian Smart Square schedule


Log in to your HMH account with your username and your password.

Access My Schedule

Click on “My Schedule”, which is usually located in the upper left corner of the screen.

View the Shift Calendar

You can view your weekly schedule by clicking on “Shift Calendar” in the “My Schedule section. The “Shift calendar” will show your weekly schedule when you click on it.

Select Date

Navigate to the day for which you wish to request a change of shift. To access the “Shift Schedule Box”, click on the date.

Please make your request:

Type your request for a shift change in the “Shift Schedule Box”. Please be clear and specific when requesting a change.

Follow these simple steps to request a shift switch in Meridian Smart Square. This will ensure that your schedule is aligned with your preferences and needs.

Smart Square HMH Features

Smart Square HMH provides a rich set of features to meet the scheduling and workforce management requirements of healthcare organizations. Here are some key features of the platform:

Budgeting and Forecasting

Smart Square is a tool that helps create accurate budgets. It also forecasts future costs, which ensures efficient resource allocation.

Alerts and Notifications

The system sends out real-time notifications and alerts to staff and managers about important schedule updates and changes.

Calendar Management

Calendar management software helps organizations plan and coordinate their staff’s schedules efficiently.

Booking Management

Smart Square simplifies the booking process, making it easy to schedule appointments and shifts.

Time and Attendance

Software includes features for tracking staff attendance and punctuality.

Staffing Optimization

Smart Square optimizes staffing levels using advanced algorithms, reducing costs and maintaining high quality of care.

Attendance Tracking

Organizations can ensure they always have the right people on hand by using detailed attendance tracking.

Tracking Compliance

Smart Square HMH reduces legal risks by helping organizations comply with labor laws.

Customer Database

A comprehensive database of customers ensures healthcare providers can access patient information at any time.

Activity Dashboard

The dashboard gives managers a live overview of the staff’s schedules and their activities. This allows them to make better decisions.


Smart Square excels at creating schedules that balance the availability of staff and patient demand.

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With robust analytics tools, organizations can track key metrics to make better decisions.

By incorporating these features, healthcare organizations can streamline their operations, improve patient-care, and increase overall efficiency.

Smart Square HMH: Benefits

Smart Square HMH is a great tool for scheduling and managing healthcare workforces.


Smart Square simplifies scheduling, minimizes conflict, and reduces administrative burdens. This leads to more efficient operations.

Data-Driven decisions

Organizations can optimize their staffing and resource allocation by using data-driven insights and analytics.

Improved Communication

Software’s communication tools encourage better communication between staff, reducing miscommunications and improving coordination.

Cost Savings

By optimizing staffing and scheduling, an organization can lower labor costs without compromising on quality.


Smart Square HMH reduces legal risks by helping organizations comply with labor laws.

Patient Care

Smart Square improves patient satisfaction and care by ensuring that the correct staff is available at the appropriate time.


The employees can access their schedules easily and request changes to their shifts, improving their work-life integration.


Online accessibility of the system promotes transparency and ensures that everyone has access up-to date information.

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Bottom Line

Smart Square HMH Login Hackensack has revolutionized healthcare workforce management and scheduling. Its intelligent tools, easy-to-use interface and comprehensive features empower healthcare organizations to provide high-quality, efficient care. Smart Square HMH’s capabilities include streamlining scheduling, optimizing personnel, and improving communications.

A tool such as this can be a game changer in a healthcare environment that is constantly changing. The benefits of this tool go beyond cost savings and compliance to better patient care. Smart Square HMH is a valuable tool for healthcare organizations that want to improve their operations.

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Helpful FAQs

How does Smart Square HMH benefit healthcare organizations and what is it?

This software is designed to help healthcare organizations manage their workforce and schedules. It offers many benefits, including improved communication and better scheduling.

How do I log in to Smart Square HMH?

Launch your browser and type the following:
Enter “Smart Square HMH”, click the official link and enter your login.

What are the main features of Smart Square HMH?

It has features such as budgeting and forecasting. Alerts and notifications. Calendar management. Booking management. Time and attendance tracking. Staffing optimization. Attendance tracking. Compliance tracking. Customer database. Activity dashboard. Scheduling. Analytics.

Smart Square HMH helps with staff scheduling.

The system uses advanced algorithms to optimize the staff schedules. This ensures that the correct staff is available at the appropriate time to meet the patient’s demand.

Can employees request shift changes through Smart Square HMH?

Employees can request shift changes via the system. This makes it easier for them to meet their needs and preferences.

Smart Square HMH: How can it help healthcare organizations save money?

This tool helps to reduce costs by minimizing scheduling conflicts, optimizing staffing, and reducing labor cost.

Does Smart Square HMH comply with the labor laws and regulations in place?

Yes. It reduces legal risks by helping healthcare organizations comply with labor laws.

What is the role of communication in Smart Square HMH

This software includes features that promote better communication between staff and reduce the likelihood of miscommunication.

Smart Square HMH: How can it benefit patients?

By making sure that the correct staff is available at the appropriate time, it contributes to better patient care and satisfaction.

What are the benefits of Smart Square HMH to healthcare organizations?

Its advantages include cost savings, increased communication, efficiency, compliance, convenience and transparency. All of these contribute to the quality and overall operation of healthcare organizations.