Helping Keep Lips Moist While Promoting Brand Awareness


What do you ask for when you need a soft drink at a restaurant, do you say give me a cola, or you ask for coke? Do you ask for a plastic bandage or you scream for a Band-Aid?

Obviously, no one would ever have said anything other than coke. These are the terms that are known as eponyms, and they are the apex of what we call brand awareness. These brands have become very well-known that they have replaced the generic terms for the products of similar products.

Lip Balm Packaging

Brands use online or print media for marketing and advertising of their products such as social media posts, TV commercials, newspapers, banners, posters, and other means. They help in creating awareness of your brand in the market and among the customers. It is important to create effective marketing strategies to build trust and loyalty in customers.

Just like different brands have different packaging needs, they have to make promotions that suit their product such as a cosmetic brand cannot set up a food stall.

So absurd, right?

More the competition and bigger the market, it requires better and effective marketing to reach a potential audience to increase your customer base and sales that help your business thrive.

The beauty industry is the most exponentially grown industry that offers the most versatile and creative products, not only one, two, or three but hundreds of brands that are all competitive. It has become challenging to promote your product in a better way.

Unlike the old times, there are a lot of other ways to promote your brand rather than newspaper and TV commercials, which are the most ineffective in the world we live in. So, here are some most effective and economical means to promote brand awareness among the customers.

With the changing needs, it is necessary to follow the trends and do the things they are meant to be, to get the most benefit out of them.

Get exposure!

The world we live in has become digital and everything has shifted on the palms of our hands from news to TV to entertainment.

People follow Instagram, Twitter, and youtube more than TV news broadcast plus they have all-time access to the internet which makes them stick to their phones all the time.

Get influencers into your niche is the most effective way to increase brand awareness among the audience because people see them and follow them in real life. Once influencers take your name or post your product on their feed or story, those expand among their follower and the religious followers always make a purchase.

Influencers like to spread a good word of mouth when they know that they will be getting little perks with the promotions. Gift them with not only lip balm boxes but also some of your amazing products.

Branded packaging

It is not the time to put up posters on the wall when companies are blessed with customization. It offers customers full control over their product packaging from scratch. You can choose the material of your choice, shapes, sizes, and designs that represent your brand in the most effective manner.

Have you ever received a package with no brand name or any other information except that shipment receipt? Or ever saw a very well-designed box with a brand logo, colourful patterns, and attractive shapes?

Well, you know what the thing is about! There are two types of packaging that are remembered by the customers for the lifetime; one is the most attractive and professional and the other one is non-branded plain packaging that does not communicate with the customers at any level.

Custom lip balm packaging boxes designed effectively plays an important role in awareness of the brand. Present your brand with the use of captivating and eye-catching design elements and a story or message behind the brand that creates an emotional connection with them.

Product boxes

It is beneficial for companies to use their product boxes in a way that gives the maximum performance such as use custom printing and unique die-cut shapes that speak for the brand. Quality determines the fate of the brand and the product. A good quality box gives an idea of a product that is up to the mark plus these boxes work as a salesperson for the company.

Cardboard packaging with custom prints, lamination, foiling, embossing, and other embellishments that enhances the quality are effective in the marketing of the product.

Besides these most prominent and effective promotional techniques, there are millions of small acts that you can practice in order to spread your name, such as;

  • local partners
  • freebies
  • custom stickers
  • wall decals
  • infographics

The world we live in does not follow rules when it comes to packaging, marketing, and advertising unless the purpose is fulfilled.

Think out of the box, the ways you can reach your audience in the most economical way. You can do marketing campaigns and other activities for your products that could help in engaging the customers and developing a stronger connection with them.