Definitive Guide To Select Best WordPress Theme Framework

Known as one of the best Content management systems, WordPress has empowered 35% of the websites.  It encompasses millions of visitors in its pocket. Being an exceptional platform, it has several features and functionalities that make it stand out among other CMS.   

This platform has seen a lot of growth for many years. The best thing about WordPress is that designing the website with this platform is very seamless.  Practicing themes, you can create the WordPress website according to your requirements without any technical expertise.  WordPress has given us several themes, among which are free, but you can also use the premium ones to enjoy the feature-rich website.  

Several themes are there that can assist you in creating the website, which integrates several styles following which you can offer a better customer experience. 

But, when there is a case when you require to create your own theme with some additional features that could be beneficial for your WordPress website, then there comes a demand to create your own. This is where a custom WordPress theme development service come into the picture. 

Here, either you can create a theme from scratch, or you will edit the existing theme or will use the WordPress theme framework to develop several other themes. 

Among all, creating a theme with the theme framework is fast and easy. The WordPress framework is the base for a WordPress theme. To be precise, these frameworks have the core code that amalgamates the general design elements and features. 

This framework has design and coding. The users could integrate the required modifications adequately with any setting loose from the parent theme update. Whereas, it is also believed that the WordPress theme is not intended for everyone. Some might not require the advanced features. 

The aim of this article is to give you the best WordPress framework with its pros and cons. Let’s find out!

Best WordPress Theme Frameworks

# Cherry

This WordPress framework is the flexible option with which the plugins can be created.  It is an open-source and free framework. Its source code is applicable on GitHub, and anyone can use it and also contribute to it.  

Its modules are well-documented for your convenience. This framework makes it easy for you to find the information you are looking for.  It can be used in several themes and plugins. And also, you can keep your framework up to date with the latest version. 


  • Encompasses 300 child themes
  • Several customization options
  • Automatic updates


  • Complex slideshow feature
  • Child themes are not free

# Genesis

Every WordPress developer must have undergone this framework.  It is the best combination of power and affordability. With this, you can create a website that could be SEO-friendly, highly customizable, lean, secure, etc.  It uses the latest HTML 5 standard for more responsiveness. 

Using it with the child theme is easy.  It has several unlimited support web sites,  updates, and websites. It cost around $59.95. Genesis also provides a handful of free Genesis child themes.


  • SEO support
  • Responsive
  • 91 child themes
  • Lightweight code


  • Advanced customization and tweak are tough for the newbie.

# Headway

It is the drag-and-drop WordPress development layout design method.  This framework lets you customize the website according to your demands. It implies that anyone from the experienced developers to the newbie that effortlessly implements the ideas into the functional design can use it.  

Adding custom code is also comfortable with PHP, HTML, and CSS. Its standard package is of $89 (for three websites and support and update of a year);  Deluxe package cost around $199 (for unlimited websites with a year of update and support).


  • Easy usage for WordPress framework for non-programmers and beginners
  • It can be used to speed up the development process
  • Drop builder and design editor can be customized 
  • Integrates a starter theme to be included in the design for the beginner


  • The child theme is less than another premium framework

# Thesis 2.0

Its presence is intact for many years and is the only rival to Genesis.  Thesis 2.0 has several user-friendly and modern design interface. This framework includes Thesis boxes, skin editors, and other tool.  It empowers 57000+ websites on the internet. 

Its pricing starts at $87 for the basic package with one domain and a year of updates. $164 is for the basic plus package to be used on one domain, a year of an update with three skins and an email option boxes.  package $197 is for the professional package with unlimited domain, add-on boxes.


  • Definite focus on SEO
  • Beginner-friendly WordPress framework
  • Simple to get style variations and combine extra functionality through Boxes


  • Effective learning curve
  • Hold five skins available
  • Drag and drop features are not as instinctive as the ones in Headway

# Gantry

It amalgamates many extensive features with a spontaneous interface and straightforward layout manager to modify the page effortlessly.  Gantry has mega menu support that is used for the navigation and the particle system for configuring the content block on the WordPress website.  For making your web page feature-rich, this framework does not support any widget. If any issue persists then Gantry is here to support you. 


  • Free to install and use
  • Modify the website styling quickly
  • Design several templates for several views
  • Options screen is instinctive and easy to use


  • Less child themes
  • Sharp learning curve
  • Inadequate support

Wrapping Up

The WordPress framework holds several advantages;  from robust SEO option, robust code, secure code base to flexible design option.  Adopting this will help you out in many manners. It is quite a necessary process that assures that the developed theme is fully-functional and stable.  WordPress plugins are a great aid when it is about adding more functionality to the WordPress website.  

We have mentioned some of the best WordPress frameworks that can choose to design your website. Pros and Cons will be beneficial when you need to make a decision according to your requirements. 

Hopefully,  you liked this article. If there are other essential WordPress frameworks, then let us know in the comment section below. Queries and suggestions are welcome. Happy reading!!

Marie Thomas
Marie Thomas
Marie Thomas is an IT enthusiast with 5+ years of experience in developing WordPress websites. Currently, she is associated with WordSuccor – WordPress development firm . She loves to keep abreast of the latest technologies and tools in the corporate market, and believes in sharing knowledge gained through experience.


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