Hacks to Get 1000 Real Instagram Followers

Having fake followers on Instagram is not a big deal. The most prominent actors, models, and sports personalities have them too. However, the problem with fake followers is that one cannot have guaranteed engagement on posts. If you think that your business or your blog can do with little engagement, be my guest and buy fake followers.

However, if you want followers to engage with your stories and posts, ditch the idea. Instead, earn authentic ones by doing the following:

Create Content for Target Audience

People will definitely engage with posts that they believe are meant for them. By meant for them I mean posts that contain content that the viewers can relate to. Just come to think of it. Why would a girl be interested in reading about beard oil?

Unless, of course, she is buying one to gift to her better half. Even then, she won’t be that level of investing in a beard oil brand that she follows it and reads all about it.

Similarly, a subscriber who wants to find about details about Optimum Internet only price, won’t find any interest in reading about the TV packages and channel guide.

Your posts and the content that you regularly add to your account and stories should be relatable enough to your target audience that they keep coming back for more. This will also help you earn more genuine followers as well.

A Consistent Feed Aesthetic

People like pages and posts that have an aesthetic vibe to them. You should aim to achieve the same. If you are creating a page as a blogger or to promote your business, you will have an idea regarding the types of posts popular with your target audience.

You might have already worked within your niche and are ready to try a couple of new ideas. But do not let the idea of posting more content get you excited. Juts like to plan a post before creating it, you should plan the schedule before posting it as well.

Remember that your posts should radiate aesthetic vibes. Thinking of your Instagram feed as an outfit can help you. Consider your posts as the various pieces of clothing. You will never wear clothing pieces that do not complement each other because it will ruin your overall look. Similarly, you cannot just keep on adding random posts on your feed as it will mess up your feed’s overall look.

Some of the following tips can help you create an attractive feed:

  • Think of a theme
  • Decide the colour palette you wish to work with
  • Play around with editing apps until you find ‘the filter’

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Go the Extra Mile with Your Content

Do not just aim at creating content that’s just good for the feed. Create one that will attract more people. This will make the views want to click the ‘follow’ button. Some of the many ideas that can work for creating unique and engaging posts include animated content, boomerangs, and mini videos.

You should also consider investing in a good quality camera to capture some amazing pictures. This will add originality to your posts. As the photos that you click won’t be with anyone else.

Communication is the Key

You should not post once in a while and think that people will remember you. Posting regularly is the key to keeping in touch with your target audience. This will help to create a strong link between you and your target audience.

You need to up your communication game as a brand in order to earn more followers. Adding posts to the account is not enough to communicate with your followers and potential followers.

You should consider adding stories regularly as well. Add relatable and trending hashtags to these stories or posts so that they start appearing on top of the suggested posts. These little tricks can help you go a long way.

Get to Instagram Search’s Top Results

As mentioned above, it is crucial for you to get to the top of the Instagram search results. Here are some ways by which you can do so:

  • Picking hashtags relevant to your feed
  • Tagging all brands present in your picture or video
  • Establishing a good relationship with prominent brands

If you start incorporating these hacks, you will soon observe an increase in your followers.

Apart from all this, you should also keep looking for accounts or influencers whom you think will be best for communicating your brand’s message to the people. My recent encounter with Optimum Customer support really impressed me. The reps knew what I wanted immediately. So it is crucial that you choose the right brand ambassadors.

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