Golf Cart Storage Cover, Hub Caps & More — Things That Prolong Golf Cart Lifespan


Your golf cart can tend to be worn down and malfunction if you are an avid golfer. This is perfectly normal. However, some accessories, like golf cart storage covers and hub caps can help to prolong the lifespan of the golf cart and keep you golfing comfortably for longer.

Golf Cart Accessories to Protect Your Cart

The golf cart accessories listed below aim to protect your golf cart from wear and tear, so let’s take a look.

golf cart cover

Obviously, golf cart storage covers, also known as golf cart rain covers, can be a reliable protector on boiling summer and downpouring days.

With an effective storage cover, your entire golf cart will be sheltered from all of the elements. So, you do not need to worry about your golf cart getting damaged when it’s outside.

  • Golf cart hub caps

A golf cart hub cap is regarded as a decorative disk on a golf cart wheel that covers at least a central portion of the wheel, called the hub. A hub cap can cover the wheel hub and the wheel fasteners to reduce the accumulation of dirt and moisture, which can protect the fastener from water and corrosion. Besides, it is also a fancy decorator to spice your cart up.

  • Sun shade cover

An enclosure cover and sun shade cover isn’t the same as a golf cart storage cover, but it has a similar effect. Instead of protecting your golf cart when it’s in storage, it protects your cart when you’re on the golf course.

So, it has see-through sides, so you can see where you’re driving while protecting your golf cart from water and UV.

  • Floor mat

Every coming and going, the dirt attached to your shoes will leave in your golf cart, leading to an unkempt inner environment. But the floor mat will collect the dirt, which can protect the floor and the interior.

How to Choose the Right Accessories for Your Golf Cart

Here are some suggestions for choosing quality golf cart accessories. Take the golf cart storage cover and hub caps as examples.

  • Golf cart storage cover

10L0L produces quality golf cart storage covers, which fit almost all 2/4 passenger golf carts for brands like EZGO, Club Car, and Yamaha. Here are the features it includes and the things you should always look for in a cover:

  •  Material (coatings)

The multiple-layer material, including anti-UV coating, anti-oxidating coating layer, and water-repellent coating, protects your golf cart in all respects from every scenario, no matter the pure UV light or non-stop rainy days. The quality and durable materials make a reliable golf cart storage cover.

  •  Air permeability

If there’s no airflow under the cover, your golf cart can get hot and humid, and malfunctions can occur. So, an air vent is essential when looking for a suitable cart cover.

  •  Water-proof

Not only does 10L0L’s golf cart storage cover have a waterproof layer and waterproof PU backing, but it also has a waterproof zipper closure. So it’s the perfect golf cart rain cover.

  • Golf cart hub caps

Another accessory perfect for prolonging the lifespan of your golf cart is golf cart hub caps. Check for these features before buying:

  •  Materials

10L0L’s golf cart hub caps are made from premium durable ABS material with an imitation carbon fiber pattern, bringing the hub a longer service life.

  •  Installation complexity

No one wants to take an entire afternoon to install new hub caps. So, opt for easy installation. 10L0L’s hub caps snap on without the need for any tools. Easy!

  •  After-sale services

Sometimes accidents happen, and with snap-on hub caps, the clips may break. But 10L0L offers a one-year warranty guarantee. If you snap a clip, do not hesitate to contact customer service; they’d be happy to send you a replacement.

  •  Stylish

Most people buy the golf cart hub caps for styling the golf cart; therefore, they will take pattern and color as their top consideration. 10L0L provides golf carts of different appearances, catering to different demands.


Buying a golf cart isn’t a small expense, so all-around protection is what you can do to optimize your golf cart. Accessories such as a golf cart storage cover and hub caps are the perfect way to do that. 10L0L make it so easy for you, too, with their durable, reliable, and practical accessories for protecting golf carts.

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