The Dos and Don’ts of Web Design for Businesses


Building a website for your business is no easy task. You have so much to consider, from the colours you use to what type of content ends up on your homepage. Get it right, and you create a memorable brand that appeals to an audience. Get it wrong, and you scare potential customers away.

To ensure your website appeals to your customers, keep these dos and don’ts of web design in mind.

Do: Consider Your Audience

Making an attractive, usable website is great, but it won’t matter if you don’t target your audience. What works for one audience might not work for another, so consider your target market before deciding your web design choices.

For example, if your business sells children’s toys or clothes, you might choose bright colours like pinks, blues, and oranges. That might not have the same effect when targeting large businesses!

Don’t: Include Too Much Clutter

You may want to tell visitors about every aspect of your business and show them a wide range of awesome images in one go, but refrain from doing so. Including too much clutter – particularly on the home page – will overload your visitor’s eyes and push them to leave the website. Instead, keep it crisp, clear, and concise.

Include essential information, and direct them to other pages if they want to learn more. Use a Liverpool web agency to help you create an attractive website that won’t overwhelm or undersell.

Do: Focus on Usability

You might ensure that the website is user-friendly. If it isn’t, you will experience a high bounce rate, meaning you lose potential customers. Test, test, and test your website again to ensure everything flows smoothly and no user will have trouble getting from one page to the next.

Don’t: Choose Auto Play Videos

Have you ever clicked onto a website, only to click off again because of a buffering video or sudden music or noise? If you include auto-play videos, your users will have the same reaction. That’s not to say videos are a bad thing (in fact, they are great for websites!). However, auto-play will harm the user experience. Let people click ‘play’ before playing any video or audio on your website.

Do: Include Quality Content

The quality of your website content is everything. The higher the quality, the better. It shows your audience that you are a capable and trustworthy company. On top of that, better quality content ranks higher for SEO, attracting even more traffic to your website.

Don’t: Accept Slow Loading Times

One of the worst mistakes businesses make when building a website is accepting slow loading times. It might seem like just a few seconds to you, but to a user, those few seconds feel like forever, and they will quickly click off. Focus on minimising loading times as much as possible to ensure your bounce rate stays as low as possible.

Building a business website requires a lot of effort and consideration. Keep these dos and don’ts in mind to do the best job possible, and show your customers that you are a reputable and trustworthy company.