Four reasons why you should use an employment agency for recruitment for your business


You might have built a great product and crafted a fool-proof business plan, but your business is only as good as the people you employ. Making sure that you have a team of dedicated, reliable and trustworthy staff behind you is key to making your business an enjoyable environment to work in and buy from, for both employees and customers. However, recruitment is often a lengthy process – so how can you ensure that you are recruiting candidates who are the right fit for your company when you are pushed for time? Here are four reasons why you should use an employment agency to recruit for your business.

  • They are recruitment professionals

Firstly, an employment agency provides a professional, expert service in finding the right candidates for your company. Although you might think that no one knows better than you the sort of people you want working for you in terms of industry expertise and personal qualities, a recruitment agency will be able to identify other essential qualities that you may not have previously considered. Additionally, there are recruitment agencies who specialise in finding staff in various different sectors, whether that is industrial, commercial, or technical recruitment, meaning that you will have a strong set of candidates presented at interview for you to choose from. 

  • They can help to get your vacancy noticed

How do you usually advertise for a vacancy at your company? Perhaps you post the job listing on your website or advertise in your local newspaper? While these are both important places to advertise, the only people who will see your vacancy are those who regularly check these outlets, meaning that you could potentially miss out on the candidate of your dreams. An employment agency will help you to get your vacancy noticed by posting it on a number of job-seeking websites (including those that are industry specific), as well as recommending suitable clients that they have on their books. 

  • They can provide you with tips for generating a job post

A well thought out job post is key to attracting the right candidates to your business. With their vast experience in handling vacancies, a recruitment agency will be able to provide you with plenty of tips and advice on how to write an effective job post. This might include using certain phrases to communicate the type of work environment you have, such as fast-paced or client-centred, as well as specifying essential skills and education level. 

  •  They can help you to fill different vacancies

Not all job postings are for full-time positions. You might, in fact, be looking for someone to fill a temporary position, covering for maternity leave or extended sick leave for instance. A recruitment agency will be able to connect you with candidates who prefer to work temporary contracts, while still having the relevant skillset to the position and industry to enable them to hit the ground running rather than requiring lengthy training.