Differences of Event Planning and Management You Must Know


The two important elements of successful event execution are planning and management. These two phases ensure the success of an event. Usually, there are different teams for planning and management, but some services provide these two services altogether. Instead of spending an amount on individual teams, it is better to hire the teams that are capable of providing both services.

Without these two phases of an event, it is impossible to implement, initiate, execute, and complete an event. You need to pay much attention and care to these two phases for making your gatherings and meetups successful. The failure to execute these two phases occurs when the team is unaware of their duties, resulting in clashes. There are some major differences between these two that everyone needs to know and understand.

Dig deeper into this article and get a clear insight into the differences between these two very important event organization phases.

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Top 6 differences between event planning and management you should know

There are certain tasks in events that are important to perform before the event start, during the event, and after the completion of the event. Different teams and people are responsible for executing these tasks. These distributions are of two types; one of the planning, and the other is the management. These two distributions will help the team know when they need to show their skills and do their job.

Following are some major differences between these two major aspects of an event that you must know.

1. Choosing event space Vs. event logistics

The planning aspect is more oriented towards finding a suitable space at a reasonable price and big enough to accommodate all your event audience. It is the responsibility of the planning team to do the lighting d├ęcor, seating arrangement of the venue. On the other hand, the management team is more into event logistics and makes sure that space accommodates all the audience and there is no runtime trouble accommodating them. The coordination between these two teams is very important for success. Otherwise, you can hire the events companies in Abu Dhabi responsible for conducting these two tasks as one team.

2. Hiring workers Vs. managing workers

It is the responsibility of the planning team to fulfill the volunteer and worker requirements for the event. These teams will conduct hiring processes before they begin with the event tasks. They need to make sure that they have enough members in their team to complete all the tasks effortlessly. The management team must make sure the hired workers are doing their jobs well and performing their duties as per instructions. The management team has the authority to question the workers if they are not doing their jobs right.

3. Sending invitations Vs. dealing with the guests

The duty of the planning team is to manage things before the event starts, and the management team is all active during the event. One of the pre-event activities that planning teams must perform is sending out the invitations to the guests on time. In contrast, the management team is all responsible for dealing with the guests during the event and making them comfortable at the event.

4. Implementing the tasks Vs. contingent plans

The planning team will be all involved in the task distribution and execution. It is their responsibility to make sure all the tasks are being performed and executed as per plans, and nothing is left incomplete before the event begins. On the other hand, the management team has to stay active during the event, keeping track of things going on. They need to be contingent and come up with alternative plans if anything is not working as requirements. They need to come up with solutions if anything is creating troubles in the successful execution of the event.

5. Event’s entertainment Vs. task scheduling

The planning team will look for creative ideas and add elements that will bring entertainment to the audience and the event members. They can come up with any activity or game for the audience relating to their objective, of course. In contrast, the management team is responsible for managing time and scheduling the tasks. They will make sure that every task gets equal time so that none of the tasks are incomplete.

6. Idea-focused Vs. goal focused

The most important elements that differentiate these two phases of an event are the idea and the goal. The planning team is more focused on bringing creative and successful ideas that will work for the event. And the management team is more focused on goal attainment and achievement. Your team must be capable of bringing creative event ideas and ensuring these ideas are helping you achieve your goals. You can hire the services of the events companies in Abu Dhabi to make your events creative and achieve what you aimed for.

Final thoughts!

Your ideas won’t work if you do not have someone to manage, and there is no use in having a management team when there is nothing to manage. That is why it is important for the event’s success that planning and management are given equal attention and the right people are hired for the job.

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