Essential Tips on Developing Universal Mobile Applications

While some apps are considered universal many are not. This is because major platforms for apps including Android, Windows, and iOS often require different formats. This creates a challenge for developers as they have to come up with different versions of the same app to work under different platforms. If you are considering mobile apps development in Dubai then you should look for a developer who is experienced in designing cross-platform apps. The core problem of trying to create a mobile application that is compatible across different platforms is that the developer has to factor in the unique needs of each platform.

Below is a checklist you can follow to develop cross-platform apps without much hassle.

Develop an Attractive App

The app should be aesthetically pleasing and engaging to attract potential users to buy and use it. The outlook of the app should be unique but with a consistent look and features across many other platforms. This is not only important for the app but also for the overall brand you are trying to establish. You can approach one of the best mobile apps development in Dubai companies to design an app that works across various platforms. While the design, features, and looks may vary across the platforms your brand identity should remain the same. This helps to pass the message across that your app is best designed for every platform without necessarily losing your brand recognition.

Follow a Platform-Independent Strategy

It is not unusual for mobile app developers to focus on a single platform many apps are only designed for a particular platform. As a result, they will only test their app on a particular platform where the app becomes frequently used. However, this problem can be easily addressed if developers create universal apps that work similarly to web services. The developers can, therefore, come up with a great structure of developing a cross-platform mobile application using an independent programming module. This platform-independent strategy helps developers to focus on specific performance results for all platforms.

Enable User Interface Guidelines for Both Platforms

When addressing the requirements of different platforms developers also have to consider separate user interface guidelines for each platform. This is particularly important for universal apps as they also want to deliver a unique user experience. This often requires the developers to be knowledgeable about specific requirements and guidelines of each platform they are considering before developing the app. Once they are aware of the main issues required in each platform they will have deeper insights on how to navigate them and come up with a universal platform. Focusing on a single feature is not advisable as it may destruct the overall app usage leading to poor user experience.

Collaborate With Other Designers

Collaborating with other designers is the best way to make sure that comprehensive research is done to make the app work across various platforms. Teaming up with other designers also helps to put both your knowledge and experience together which is necessary for identifying both advantages and disadvantages of every aspect of the app. It also helps to achieve the desired user experience goals. Collaborating with team members also helps to enhance the visuals of the app while promoting easy navigation which in turn helps to improve user experience.

Use Reliable Modules to Develop Cross-Platform Apps

Several benefits accrue to developers who use reliable modules to create a universal application. First, it helps to reduce the time it will take to develop the app, especially for different engines. Secondly and most important advantage is that they provide developers with loads of useful information that can be used to come up with a better application. Third-party modules are also essential in coming up with unique user experience across all platforms that they are trying to reach. If the module is accompanied by a comprehensive toolset then the better because it gives the developer enough room for flexibility while adding new features.

Test Every Aspect of the App

It is impossible to know the effectiveness of your app if you have not tested it to cross several apps. For instance, the test helps to ascertain if you included most of the universal elements to all platforms and specific features to a particular platform. Testing the app on many platforms helps to evaluate the progress you have made so far while making the necessary adjustments before it is too late.

Focus on User Experience

When you are developing any mobile application you should always focus on the user. It doesn’t matter if you are developing a universal app or an app for a specific platform. You can use one application from various platforms to give toy insights that you need. This helps you to understand what should be done to improve customer experience in terms of usability and functionality.

Chamsi Pirson
Chamsi Pirson
Chamsi Pirson is a freelance content writer and writes for a variety of online publications. he actively writes blogs and articles related to fashion, lifestyle, fitness and much more. When he's not working, he likes to cook, dance, and travel.


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