Cute birthday cake ideas for your birthday girl


    Birthday celebrations are always full of excitement. But when it comes to the birthday celebration of our lovely cute daughter, our excitement gets even doubled. From her dress to accessories to gifts and party themes, we crave perfection. But finalization of birthday cakes takes away most of our theme. Our small imaginations go wild and we start pondering various colors, flavors and designs. However, getting the distinct cake idea to meet the birthday girl’s expectations is not an easy job. Professional advice is a must. So, here we bring creative birthday cake ideas. Do try them and witness the happiest smile on the face of your little munchkin:

    1. Rainbow cake: Kids have a strong fascination towards colors. What can be a better choice than rainbow cake to let your baby girl view her favorite colors on her birthday cake. This stunning cake with five to six layers of sponge cake is separated by fresh cake icing and topped up with creamy swirls, gems and grated chocolates. This multicolored spongy cake will definitely win her heart. She will enjoy cutting this vibrant and colored cake, relishing every bite of it. You will feel so relieved seeing that your daughter liked your choice a lot.
    2. Butterfly cake: Daughters love to look at beautiful things made by nature like butterflies. They embrace their beauty whole-  heartedly. So, this daughter’s birthday, flutter your daughter’s heart by presenting her beautiful and enchanting butterfly cake. Shaped in butterfly pattern and dressed in creamy buttercream icing, butterfly cake will be pleasing to her eyes. Order it in the favorite flavor of your dear daughter. It will drool the taste buds of the little one. Not only she, but all her invited friends would also love it and remember its taste for a long time.
    3. Barbie cake: Barbie is not just a doll to play with, but it’s an every little girl’s dream. Small girls love to be surrounded with pretty Barbie dolls which wear a nice outfit, accessories along with a stunning hairdo. She loves to look at adorable facial features, attractive looks and long hair. Barbies are irreplaceable. So, on the occasion of your daughter’s birthday, order an elegant and beautiful Barbie doll online cake. It will attract the senses of your child and everyone around. Seeing such a pretty cake which she wouldn’t have ever imagined, her level of happiness will reach the next level. So, buy birthday cake online in the Barbie theme and let her treasure this memorable time for lifetime. 
    4. Daisy duck cake: Mini Mouse  has been the most  lovable cartoon character of most of the girls. Her long eyelashes, ruffled feathers, elongated lips and a cute bow on the head makes her super adorable and woo every girl with her awe. Getting a privilege to cut this beautiful cake, her excitement will be high. Not just by its look, but it’s yummilicious taste will also surprise her. Her taste buds will feel the heavenly flavor and melt her heart right away. Your choice will also be applauded by all the guests for the choice of cake.
    5. Princess cake: Every girl is the princess of home. So, her birthday is the perfect occasion to tell her how precious she is in your life.  Gift her royal magic with a princess cake full of pink and purple fondant color. With the very first glimpse of cake, your baby girl will show a jaw dropping effect. Layers of cake are stacked and carved into a bell to form the beautiful swaying dress. Large variety of Princess cakes are available online to put a bright smile on her face. So, surprise her with the most gorgeous Princess cake and make her important on her special birthday.

    Daughters are the source of energy for fathers and the center of happiness for mothers. So, on the lovely occasion of her birthday, spoil her with a delicious cake as discussed by adobe. Afterall, birthdays come once in a year and their memories stay alive for a longer period of time.